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Fallout First – The Disaster or The Start Of A Bad Trend

The Fallout 76 Fiasco

Fallout First got people really mad last week. Are we in the middle of video game class war?

It’s no secret that video games are failing, especially with such a variety of competition! Of course, it’s not the same for everyone. Some can’t afford all the great games, while others don’t think they are worth it. There’s not too much you can do about the first one, except lowering the price (which happens never), but the second one introduces many different strategic moves into the industry.

fallout apocalypse

Bethesda has been drafting some ideas and their final sketches do not look so bright for their business! But hey – What did they do wrong?! Fallout First?!

You might have heard of the new Fallout 76 membership model. People felt some features were missing from day one. Bethesda did a great job of providing its players with a lot of the minor ones, but when it comes to the bigger changes, you’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets.

Yes, you are right. Mobile game Fallout Shelter is not the only Pay-To-Win title around anymore, Fallout 76 joined too! Bethesda probably thought that they can get away with requiring another $100 a year for Fallout First and they were hundred percent right – They can!

What you get for your money though seemed quite promising. Private worlds, scrap boxes, survival tents, atoms, ranger armor outfits, and icons and emote packs look like a lot, but in reality, implementation of most of these features sucks, to say the least…

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If you subscribe you will get a bunch of atoms at the start of each month, there will be a special tent and emotes and icons are sleek! But the major features, do they work as advertised? Not at all!

It turns out that private worlds are not that private. You would probably expect an option to invite your friends into the game using a special code or so, but no, it does not work like that here. Each of your friends is able to see the list of your newly created “private worlds” and join them. How private is this, you may wonder – Not enough. The original option that is advertised opens room for playing mods and playing solo games, but it looks nothing like that.

Scrap boxes are supposed to store an unlimited number of objects, right? Maybe in an advert. But in this certain game, it certainly doesn’t work like that. What’s more, they seem to be deleting your stored items. This may be a feature in an Apple-like world, where removing stuff is a feature, such as removal of the headphone jack or no SD card slot, but we don’t find it as attractive as some.

The Community Reaction

Really nice question but we will give you just one spoiler – it’s no good. Reddit is flooded with people complaining about all of this nonsense and they are definitely right. There have even been some announcements of people deciding to make in-game protests, but no matter how good of a move this may seem, we don’t think companies really care.

This is sad, but it’s a fact. Do you really think that Bethesda cares about its players anymore? With all the piles of money it’s already made and the ones it is about to make, just a couple of hundreds of people, as opposed to the thousands of fans, is making no difference whatsoever. Just look at the numbers of Pay-To-Win gamers around you, it’s uncountable, at least with a limited amount of time. We do not think Fallout76 is really failing or leaving the market any time soon.

Spreading the Trend

This trend is popular among games, all of them, in one form or another. Some time ago, when mobile games entered the market, we’ve seen the Pay-To-Win model for the first time. Virtual currencies provide this. Gems, rubies, colored coins, etc., we use these to buy cards, speed up the leveling process and so forth. That was part of the casual gaming only though, but it worked.

Later on, web games adopted this profile and… they were no more web-based. Remember when we could play the full version of Gold Miner or Zuma online? That era is gone now, but that didn’t make that much of a change.

What matters though is that now even the competitive games include a membership model. Clash Royale was always a Pay-To-Win game, but the monthly subscription plan is present too – Season Pass or the so-called ‘Pass Royale’. Fortnite did not start this era, but thanks to it we now have it in every game.

It may not be called ‘Season Pass’ in particular, but emotes and special cosmetic items are what these provide most-likely. Fallout 76 takes this onto a completely different level. Instead of paying for cosmetics and virtual currencies, you are even paying some additional money on top of the Deluxe editions of the games! After all, the expansion model seems as though it can grow infinitely large especially with the AAA titles. Pay for games, premium versions of the games, GOTY editions, DLCs, Season Passes and now Memberships!

Video game companies will find their ways to raise the price, but will we retain…


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