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4 Important Tips to Develop a Legendary iPhone Game

iPhone Game Development is still a great business

iPhone game development is and will continue to be a large market for code developers because of Apple’s dominance in the industry. In fact, Apple is only getting larger and more sophisticated with its product line. More apps will be developed each year for the iPad, iPhone, laptops and the new iWatch.

Currently, developers are using X-Code and Objective-C, with a new coding language called Swift to develop the amazing games available to use in the iOS App Store. Before you even get to the coding portion of the project, you need to conceptualize the project and think about a few things before you jump in.

First, what is your idea? Has it already been developed? Have you consulted with others about your idea? What are their thoughts? Is it something that will last, gain attention and popularity? What will you charge for your app? This is something you must think about and it is highly recommend that you do not overcharge to be successful. All of these questions need to be addressed before you jump into development.

Outlined below are 4 tips that will help you with iPhone game development. These tips will ensure that you are successful in developing a noteworthy game that will attract attention and desire to play.

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1. Free Games vs Paid Games

One of the first things you should think about is whether you are going to provide your game for free or charge for it. You will need to look at other games that are similar to yours to see what they are currently charging. Most importantly, you need to ensure you charge based on what you offer, game controls, complexity and functionality. If it is a simple game, then charge low. If it is a far more complex game, then you must charge more. Ensure you price based on game experience and do not over price.

Also, if it is a paid game, will you offer a free version with limitations in hopes that users will buy the paid version? Games are the best apps to utilize this concept because you can provide limited options and functionality and as users become more comfortable with the game or decide that they are too invested, they can buy the premium version. This type of outlook does not always work for other types of apps, so you have it made with gaming. It is an opportunity you may consider looking into.

2. Niche Markets and Trend Setters

If you have decided you have the perfect idea for a game, do not jump right into development. First and foremost, do your research. Investigate what is popular, what is selling, what has already been developed and what is currently in the top charts in iTunes.

If your game is something similar to other games that are hot right now or are new and you think this type of game will be in trend for a period of time, then give it go. However, if the same type of games has been popular for some time, it may be better to go in a different direction and look for a new trend.

The last thing you want is to develop a new game that does not sell due to the lack of enthusiasm for that market. It is highly important you do your research so that you know what might be on the horizon and choose which direction you go.

3. Flash Games

One hot item that may be your ticket to success is to develop flash games into an iPhone app. As you know, old flash games cannot be played on iOS devices. Get into contact with the developers and see if they would be willing to work with you in converting these games into an iOS based app. Although this game would not be solely your game (as you would have to work out sales details between you and the developers of the original game), it is still a great way to get a game in the App Store.

4. Controls

The iPhone multi-touch capability allows you to utilize all five fingers at once. Therefore, make use of combined gestures utilizing multiple fingers. On an iPhone you can drag, swipe, flick, tap, and any combination of these plus more. The options are endless allowing you to limit the buttons on the screen providing more screen space for gameplay.

The iPhones accelometer is also a fantastic accessory to use. The phone itself can detect when you tilt the phone, so can use this to move left, right, up and down. The control options are endless and much more impressive than other game systems on the market. Use these controls to your advantage and this will help you develop a fantastic game.

These 4 tips will help ensure you are successful in developing your new iPhone game. Take these into consideration as you begin development into this journey.


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