Between Realms: Between Magic and Science

Between Realms will make you wonder. Do you love bright and catchy fantastic stories, full of genuine suspense making your heart filled with adrenaline while your mind is feverishly sorting out the options to make the right decision? Have you ever wished to find yourself in the middle of such story and walk through it from the beginning to the end? If yes, this game is for you! Between Realms by Ukrainian studio Ovva Games is a spectacular third person action/adventure game which gives you a wonderful opportunity to immerse into adventures with a futuristic setting and atmosphere.

In this game you play as Eve Rise, a physicist, who arrives at Orum – a technological facility where unique natural resource called Cyrex is mined. The Cyrex is the most powerful source of energy in the world, which, once being discovered, has changed the life of all humanity. Eve comes to Orum to investigate the circumstances of technological disaster, but soon discovers that the situation is much more complex and mysterious. The Cybernets – androids, intended to protect and serve humans – were reprogrammed and turned into ruthless murderers. So now Eve stands alone against dozens of them and her mission seems to be almost impossible.

Between Realms scene

Core mechanics of the game includes acrobatics and superpowers, allowing the heroine to create gravitational anomalies, with which she can overcome the obstacles, avoid enemies and get to hard-reaching places. Also Eve is able to extract data from Orum terminals, memory of broken robots and portable devices of deceased facility staff members. This is, of course, not all interesting features that Ovva Games prepared for the players.

As one of the main points the developers mention a system of moral choices, expressed in the dialogues. Each time the player makes one or another responsible decision, it affects the further storytelling, turning the plot in the new direction. Also notable is the fact that the voice-overs in these dialogues are performed by professional actors, including movie star Victoria Hogan, who provided voice-overs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Steven Kelly from the cast of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and voiceover veteran Brian Stivale, known for his work on such projects like Warhammer 40 000, Tekken 7, Need For Speed: Payday and many more. 

After being spotted on YouTube, Between Realms deserved numerous comparisons with such games like Mass Effect, Portal, Control, Halo 2 and even Borderlands. Its developers, however, insist that with this game they are walking they own path and not going to release “just another sci fi adventure game”. One of the main goals they want to achieve with this project is to adjust optimal balance between storytelling pace and player’s involvement into the gameplay. The game was first introduced to a wide audience on Gamescom Expo in August 2019. Currently Ovva Games are planning to raise funds on Kikstarter for further development, so, if you’re interested to watch their progress and decide, whether you would like to support the game, you can subscribe to Between Realms on Facebook and Twitter.


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Tony Vilgotsky

Tony Vilgotsky is a Russian musician, composer, horror and fantasy writer, playwright, and musical columnist. He is mostly known for his fantasy and horror novels (Chosen by the Pentacle, Evil Never Sleeps, The Charmed Roads, Shepherd of the Dead and others) as well as his journalist work in such magazines like Dark City, Mir Fantastiki, OM and KVIR.

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