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John Wick Hex will get you thinking like a chess player

John Wick Hex brings Keanu Reeves to your PC and Mac today in all the gun fu glory that entertained millions on what has been presented so far across the John Wick trilogy. But you’re wrong if you thought this is another shooting game or anything in the likes of the VR game John Wick Chronicles, published by Starbreeze Studios in 2017.

From the same creators of Thomas Was Alone and Volume – Bithel Games – John Wick Hex extends the movie storyline in a prequel by turning it into a strategy game. That means you’ll get to play with those cool choreographed action sequences that kept you at the edge of your seat throughout the movies. It goes back in time, when John was still an assassin.

However, the game reimagines all that characteristic frenzy of the action scenes as carefully broken down moves you can’t make without attention, precision, and planning. According to the developer, he even had meetings with the movie’s stunt team to better translate the fight scenes into game mechanics.

This is not a turn-based strategy game, though. Your actions play out in a timeline, you don’t have infinite ammo, and reloading it will cost you time. So you won’t get very far without planning your moves ahead.

John Wick Hex game in a fight scene

So, in short, we’re talking about a game in which you plan your actions in advance to see how their consequences unfold. That’s obvious for any strategy game out there, but who would’ve thought this could be possible in a game version of an action packed movie like the John Wick series? The brilliant aspect of this game is that it will get you thinking like a chess player.

You can get John Wick Hex here. The game is also going to be available on consoles at a later time.

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