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Meow Motors is like Mario Kart gameplay with kitties

nd there’s nothing wrong about that

Mario Kart is a series that has managed to take the world by storm. But there are a lot of people that love games in this genre and they would enjoy seeing more and more of this action packed and sometimes insane gameplay. Thankfully with Meow Motors, by ArtVostok, we get to have this fun kart racing experience on consoles.

Initially the game was created for PC, but what really makes it stand out is the fact that you are basically a cat and you are trying to reach the end of the level first, all while staying in front of your competition.

Right off the bat what I like the most in Meow Motors is the sheer environment detail. Since this is an indie racing game you don’t expect impressive visuals all the time. But Meow Motors pushes the boundaries and it looks really well. On top of that, the character design is funny, it fits the cat theme and you will have a laugh many times as you try to pick any of the characters. That being said, the vehicles look realistic and the entire experience actually feels like a complete and actually very fun racing game. 

It works as intended, and even the interface does a very good job at eliminating challenges and making the process very intricate and unique at the same time. The game world is not safe either. There are tons of bombs and other things that will end up hurting you at any given time. You have to pay attention and do everything you can otherwise these bombs will get you, and it won’t be pretty.

Thankfully Meow Motors does push the boundaries when it comes to its gameplay and it constantly tries something new and refreshing. This time it works very well because you get to enjoy the process and just adapt to it as you go along. 

Being able to access power-ups and trying to attack enemies with them is cute but also very helpful. You need to realize early on that this is a massive competition and only the best of the best can stay alive. I am sad that they didn’t add a multiplayer aside from split screen. However, the bright side is that split screen works like a charm and you will have a lot of fun enjoying it and just exploring all the options as you go along. 

When you play Meow Motors, you experience the Mario Kart gameplay with kitties. And there’s nothing wrong about that. Sure, this is a clone of Mario Kart, but they do have lots of game worlds, even character and car unlocks. So they do encourage you to play again and again as you get better at this game. Which is always nice, because you have a whole lot of unique ideas brought to the table. The handling is fine, you will get used to it really fast and the fact that there’s such a good array of levels does make you want to play this game again and again without stopping! 

Bottom Line

Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 10
Art - 10
Music - 8.1
Fun - 7.2
Replayabilty - 7


Sure, this is a clone of Mario Kart, but they do have lots of game worlds, even character and car unlocks. So they do encourage you to play again and again as you get better at this game.

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