New mobile puzzler Path of Giants released on the App Store

Path of Giants is a serene adventure puzzle game where the player controls three explorers who must help each other to conquer a set of ancient trials in search of a lost treasure.
Each level is carefully designed and hand-crafted to create chillingly beautiful scenes, and together combined with a charming original score composed by Clark Aboud, who also composed for games like Slay the Spire, and Kind Words, evokes a sense of calm as you explore this long forgotten area of the world.

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Every level focuses on the main feature of having three characters, and is hinged around the fact that the player will need to use all three of the characters in order to solve the puzzles and progress. The player will be using the boosting mechanic between the characters to help boost each other up and down platforms all while interacting with a variety of environmental moving pieces.
Path of Giants is now available on the iTunes App Store at $3.99, while the Android version is TBA. 

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Having studied as a 3D modeler and animator, I have always had a passion for 3D however I had decided to pursue motion graphics for work as I found it interesting and more fun to work in. After about 9 years working as a motion graphic artist, I always had an itch that would draw me back to 3D modeling. It allows you to create worlds that you can step into, so naturally it led to creating a side project, our game Path of Giants, where I was able to create the visual aspect of the game.

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