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Why People Call Out Fortnite – And Other Addicting Games – But Nothing Ever Changes

World's never ending issue with the so-called addicting games

Are we gonna talk about addicting games again? Have you ever noticed that people who never touch video games have all sorts of opinions on them? And they usually target the games you are probably playing right now.

While recently attending some champagne glass-filled party and telling those of us that didn’t inherit hundreds of millions of dollars how to live, Prince Harry decided to open his mouth and spout a load of ignorance when it comes to Fortnite and video games.

Why People Call Out Fortnite - And Other Addicting Games - But Nothing Ever Changes

Comparing them to gambling, which is actually legal in some circumstances, Prince Harry thinks that Fortnite should be banned for being addictive and causing antisocial behavior. Alcohol and cigarettes, meanwhile, are seen as pillars of the British economy we must assume and as edifying, rather than destructive, substances.

Of course, any gamer worth his salt sees the double standard at play here and the barely veiled dude-bro approach that Prince Harry is taking. Using the path of least intellect and resistance, Prince Harry thinks we need to take a serious look at video games and their addictive qualities.

But we should ignore alcohol and its deleterious effects. And we should also ignore cannabis – in fact, let’s go on ahead and legalize cannabis.

Also we should ignore the harmful impact of food, cigarettes, prescription medication, radical religion, you name it. The real enemy here is video games.

Now, not every Fortnite player has the opportunity to travel the world and party. Some people play video games. Do people need to be aware of the impacts of addiction, gambling and whatever they call addicting games? Yes, they do. Should there be balance in life? Yes, there should be. But to open your mouth and spout nonsense while ignoring everything you’ve stood for in the media for the past 15 years makes you a joke and this is why nearly everyone that talks about video games being banned, in one way or the other, can be ignored. They’re simply repeating the talking points of their cloistered, rarefied circle.

Most of the world knows that “everything in moderation” is the best policy. Only idiots call for things that don’t harm anyone to be banned, and only people who have never struggled a day in their life seek to make vast proclamations that impact the rest of us.

Representing an entitled and anachronistic worldview, the moralizing that surrounds video games is the byproduct of a dying era in which posturing and dissembling made up for talent and skill.

The technological age is drawing sharp lines around the haves and the have nots, but it also is showing us who is actually talented and who is not. It is making meritocracy possible for the first time in history because it is shifting the paradigm away from a world controlled by Prince Harry and pals to one determined by the actual market.

Fortnite will pass away one day, only to be replaced by something else. But this pernicious, evil idea that things need to be “banned” to “control” the people on the bottom is the dumbest, most elite idea out there.

No one worth their salt is interested in anything Prince Harry has to say about anything, particularly video games.



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Kehl Bayern

Kehl Bayern is an author of cyberpunk novels, among others, and an avid gamer.

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