The Copper Canyon Shoot Out

The Copper Canyon Shoot-Out is a VR shooter developed by Black Dragon Studios in Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Gameplay consists of frantic gun based combat set in a Wild West themed world overrun by hostile robots. The Copper Canyon Shoot-Out has been designed to be played in relatively short bursts and offers an instant action, no-strings VR experience that can be played from either a standing or sitting position (standing recommended).

The core of the game is extremely fast and frenetic. The player must progress through one of three semi-linear paths (that can be played as one continuous round once unlocked) each being divided into multiple areas. In each area the player must face relentless waves of enemies which spawn around the environment in progressively more challenging waves. Enemies will dynamically take cover, charge or attack independently.

The player is encouraged to continually move from cover to cover whilst laying down as much fire as possible, giving the game a real Wild West shoot-out atmosphere. Using dual-wield weapons, multiple enemies can be engaged at once and the air is often filled with bullets (which can be shot down). Each path leads to a final open arena where the player must face a final boss which will will present different challenges depending on the chosen route through the game and must be defeated in stages, destroying limbs and body parts.


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Christopher Davies

Black Dragon Studios is a media company specialising in the use of video game technology, we create virtual and augmented exhibitions, educational experiences, and of course video games. Our team is made up of industry and academic experts, who have over 20 years experience practising and teaching game design and development, together we create video games for established platforms as entertainment products alongside digital heritage and digital preservation ventures, collaborating with museums, universities and other educational institutions.

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