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Principles of Animation

Greetings to all my fellow indie game developers and our fans. I’ve been working on a new resource channel to help devs take their work to the next level, including the 12 principles of animation created by Disney in the 1930s/40s/50s, setting the gold standard for animation ever since.

I also teach basics for coding, using SwiftPlaygrounds and Codea and other programs I can find as I interact with people on the Internet.

I also have tutorials on Blender, which I am finding fantastic – I definitely think Blender is an all-in-one program that can really do so much.

You can check out my channel by going into my profile here.

For this week my videos include:

Principles of Animation – Appeal

I look at what motivates people to engage in our work – attractiveness of models, sensuality, humour, simplicity – because it is all about getting people to interact with your work.

Principles of Animation – Solid Drawing

I have to say, I had a bit of an epiphany on how to work with blender and with drawings while doing this becacause it’s all straight lines, in fact all things are just straight lines and can be thought of as straight lines – which will take your modelling and drawings to the next level.

Blender – Portfolio creation

We finish up our lessons in Blender by talking about how to create a portfolio of our work, as I start rendering different pictures around each of the different planets.

I’m taking a bit of a break from the tutorial lessons for the next 6 weeks, I spent the last 3 months making about 7 hours of content. I will have articles up for the different topics in the next couple of weeks, as I process my thoughts and ideas of everything I learned and worked on with Blender, Codea, Coding ideas, and the Principles – also sharing the videos I created.

Instead of pure tutorials, I’m starting a new series called Make Gaming Great Again plays – where I play some video games and talk about what was good and not so good (aka normal review) and the mechanics of how they probably created things (for game developers). My first series will be on the BattleHeart trilogy, BattleHeart 1, BattleHeart Legacy, and BattleHeart 2.

After that series, I will get back to another block of tutorials with Blender, Xcode and the Unreal engine.

I hope to learn lots from all of you, and I hope I can show you all a trick or two with my tutorials as well.


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Mark Schuenemann

I’ve been gaming since I was 5 years old, mostly Pac-Man and Asteroids. Now, we have game developers who produce crap games, and parent companies that are just gutting each studio it gets its hands on, I’m talking to you EA. I was always interested in getting into game development, and now I am making the plunge - I’m creating my own gaming company. And I’m helping others start theirs as well. I have a BitChute channel, linked on this profile, that has dozens of lessons on how to go from a complete newbie as a game developer, and in the next year or so, take you to completeing your first game. Come on by!  

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