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A 1990’s hit, Jay & Silent Bob are coming back as a game

Near all games made from films are never a good idea but this one might change your mind

You’ve heard of Rick and Morty, you’ve heard of Rick and Daryl, and you have hopefully heard of Cheech and Chong, but have you heard of Jay and Silent Bob? If not turn back now and google them!

Kevin Smith is the creator of the characters Jay & Silent Bob. Kevin plays as Silent Bob and the director of Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. He is currently making a film. It is kind of a sequel to the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot but it’s basically a sequel. So, if you’re not a fan, get ready to become one!

Watch the films above right now before you carry on! I mean it! Watch them now even if you’re reading this at work or at the toilet. You must watch these movies now.

Ok, have you watched them? No? Really? You must watch them!

Great, you’ve watched them all. You are now a fan of Jay and Silent Bob, right? Anyway, you’ve watched all the films but have you heard that there’s going to be a Jay and Silent Bob game called Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch?

A 1990's hit, Jay & Silent Bob are coming back as a game

The game is being developed by Interabang Entertainment, the creators of Super Comboma. The Jay and Silent Bob game is getting some inspiration from the great rage classic side-scroller beat’em ups like Streets of Rage 2 and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.

The idea for the game came when they were developing their previous game Super Comboma.  If any game developers are reading this, you must be familiar with a gamer developer’s late night shifts trying to hit deadlines. Everyone needs a break, and Super Comboma’s developers break time was all about watching Kevin Smith’s films.

While watching Kevin’s films, they thought: why has no one made a Jay and Silent Bob game?! One trailer featuring the man himself, Kevin Smith, and a lot of work later, and the game is starting to come together.

Even though there is no set-in ‘bong’ release date, it does look like it is coming along smoothly, and it has been said that it should be released in the Q4.

The game will feature ten levels and hidden side quests to keep fans coming back for more. It should also be played as a co-op where you and your side man, Silent Bob, can kick some asses! The characters in the game are voiced by the OGs themselves – Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. To add to that, they are also adding summons – where you can summon a character from the Askew Universe. For all you fake fans reading (just kidding!) this is the universe where all of Kevin Smith films are based.

The game is for every Kevin Smith or Jay and Silent Bob fan out there! Set in the same locations you see in the films and having the same characters from the movies as well. So, it’s a must! With a guarantee of great humor in the game like you see in the films.

To all the Chasing Amy’s and all the Mallrats out there, Snoochies Boochies!


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