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Why Console Wars are Nothing But Marketing Gimmicks That Help You Play Yourself

Another day, another war over video game consoles!

People raised on the Super Nintendo versus Sega Genesis marketing wars like to impose that paradigm on each and every console generation no matter what or who is competing. Yet, it doesn’t really make sense to do this in the modern world.

First off, what is a console?  Is a PC part of this game? What about smartphones? Are we going to separate smartphones by OS and go from there? Either way, you cut that cheese, Apple or Google is the largest console manufacturer on the face of the Earth and has won the console wars for forever – or until no one cares about smartphones, take your pick.

Or let’s say that, yes, PCs are part of it. All PCs or just those that have Steam? Are we talking about high-end rigs or something that can play a simple Java-based game? Then PCs have won the console wars and there’s no sign of them letting up in that stranglehold.

But if you’re just talking about Microsoft versus Sony, then you need to come to 2019 and stop trying to polish some marketer’s knob somewhere. Console wars are not only silly, they don’t make a lot of sense. And this is in the era where people are both proclaiming the death of console cycles and even consoles themselves! We’re going to just ignore the Google Stadia, among other things?


Because we like Microsoft’s products? How sad is that concept? Or are we going to crap all over Microsoft because we love Sony’s stuff? How boring is that life? Serious gamers often have multiple consoles because they love video games over some company’s marketing department.

Are there awards out there for being the biggest fanboy in the world? Is that prize attached to money? While there is money in pushing something for journalists and click-bait artists, it does nothing but distracts the normal consumer from what’s best in gaming right now – regardless of where it is.

Setting up false dynamics inevitably sets up a person for disappointment.  Disappointment can turn into delusion and delusion can turn into denial, all of which will keep you from making the best gaming decisions for you and which will render your opinion irrelevant to others.

Declaring this company or that company the winner of the “console war,” or even going as far as to declare one console superior preemptively before any hardware or software is put out there, just marks you out as someone not to be taken seriously.

No doubt, if Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo wants to pay me to advocate for their products day in and day out, I promise to never touch a competitor’s product ever again. But most of us are normal people, and most of us should ignore people who have an agenda that is either self-serving, in the interests of some soulless corporation, or both.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be a fan, but don’t be a fanboy.  Video game consoles are not your friend, they are a means to an end.  That doesn’t mean you can’t be passionate, but it is about the games at the end of the day. The person that is playing the games they love, no matter where, is the gamer that wins.

If someone happens to make money while that gamer does so, that’s great, but don’t shove garbage down the Internet pipeline and expect gold on the other end. You’ll just fill the web with pablum and discredit yourself in the long run. Because, as we all know, like diamonds, the Internet is forever and stupid predictions never, ever age well.


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Kehl Bayern

Kehl Bayern is an author of cyberpunk novels, among others, and an avid gamer.

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