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The Counter-Strike Weapon Replica Is a Popular Collector’s Item You Can Now Own

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The replica weapons market is a booming business, especially among avid video gamers. Have you ever wanted to own a gun without “actually” owning a gun? How about those cool guns you play with on Call of Duty, Counter-Strike or the average army sniper games? That might seem like a strange question, but not really when you consider the craftsmanship and technical mastery that goes into making some of the finest firearms in the world.

Goat Guns

Like swords of old, guns have a symbolic place in history for many people and, like replica swords, replica guns can satisfy a kind of need for a touchstone with this history that has both cultural and social dimensions. For example, you could own a replica gun because you are a fan of the maker or to remind you of your military service. The reasons for owning a miniature replica gun are about as varied as the choices out there on the market.

Models and replicas are a fun, niche market that combines do-it-yourself know-how with an appreciation for craftsmanship. Prices on these things can range from the sub-$100 market to thousands upon thousands of dollars. We’re not talking about the latter today.

Today we’d like to tell you about two very special miniature gun replicas that we think video gamers will love – and that won’t wreck your budget. The first one is the black mini AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova) from’s miniature black AK-47 is inspired by the real-life gun from the Soviet Union, first made in 1947. Probably one of the most widespread firearms in existence, the AK-47 is legendary for its efficacy on the battlefield and its durability over time. You can probably find one of these popular guns in every country on the face of the Earth – they’re that popular.

Practically making an appearance in every action film of the 1980s, the AK-47 is the standard armament of global communism and the preferred gun of everyone from drug cartels to terrorist organizations or national governments today. When it comes to having a wide and varied fanbase, few match the AK-47.

And, of course, they make tons of appearances in video games. From Call of Duty to other first-person shooters, the AK-47 is the de rigueur gun for any Cold War-era shooter. The design is true-to-life in comparison to an actual AK-47. The metal is deep, jet black and the dun wood glows as the light hits its polished surface. The model is 1:3 scale with the real thing and is 11″ / 28cm length with a weight of 11 ounces.

To keep everything authentic, this model takes details very seriously. There’s an adjustable sight with bolt carrier action, black receiver, and dust cover. Equipped with a magazine that is made out of metal and comes with a full release functionality, the makers really didn’t spare any small detail in their repro. Three dummy bullets are included as part of the replica. This adds something to the model but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It is impossible to mistake this gun for anything but a replica.

The details don’t stop there, however, as the black mini AK-47 replica also has trigger functions and a functional selector switch. Easy to assemble and displayable on the included trophy stand, the mini black AK-47 is completely legal to own and isn’t dangerous to anyone. Fans of the make will love the attention to detail and the craftsmanship put into this piece while collectors of replicas, in general, will appreciate those same points as well as the functionality included in the gun. This is a living replica in the sense that it replicates the mechanics but not the outcomes of the real thing.

One of the best aspects of the replica is that it is fully self-assembled which makes it the perfect gift for do-it-yourselfers who love guns. Another awesome option from GoatGuns is the black mini .50 caliber sniper rifle. Fans of the Call of Duty series will be familiar with this gun.

This 100% real die-cast metal 1:3 scale replica of the weapon GoatGuns calls the “Almighty,” the black miniature .50 cal sniper rifle comes with a pitch-black body, sliding bolt carrier, adjustable bi-pod legs for standing it up, and a scope. Like the AK-47, it has a detachable magazine and comes with 3 dummy rounds for full simulation effect.

Heck, you can even squeeze the trigger on this replica. Everything you need to assemble this replica is included in the kit and it should take about five or ten minutes to complete full assembly. This replica does not come with a stand to mount it on because you can set the gun upright using the bi-pod leg stands that it has.

Coming in at 13” in length and weighing 15 ounces, it shouldn’t take up that much space on the shelf and is lightweight enough to be stored in most places – even high up! Like the AK-47, this replica is completely legal and non-lethal – it is incapable of firing bullets of any kind! The question is: Which of the two replicas is best for you?

While very similar in initial concept, they are of course two very different models. Both allow you to put them together yourself, which is an excellent feature, but only one of them comes with a display stand. Sure, the sniper rifle can stand on its own, but there is a little something extra added by the AK-47’s included mounting stand. Quality and price are equivalent, so it really boils down to a matter of taste. One thing is certain: The FPS gamer in your life will absolutely love this if given as a gift and, if you’re buying it for yourself, it is a great addition to any game room or living space.

Bottom Line

Final Score - 9.6


The FPS gamer in your life will absolutely love this if given as a gift and, if you’re buying it for yourself, it is a great addition to any game room or living space.

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