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Indie Game Releases You Should Look Out For in 2019

No matter what, all us gamers definitely look forward to our yearly dose of AAA-games and this year is no different. 2019 looks to be an amazing year for video games with games like Apex Legends and Kingdom Hearts III already in release and heaps more coming up. But let us not forget the little guys who also help create such amazing titles as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (coming out on Switch soon!) and Stardew Valley without the guiding hand (read: money) of big companies. I don’t know about you, but I definitely find myself needing a break from yet another game from the Assassin’s Creed series (though don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the recent releases!) and indies are a big help with that for sure.

So without further ado and in no specific order (except alphabetically!), here are some sweet-looking independent game releases you definitely need to keep an eye out for!

A Plague Tale: Innocence (PC/PS4/Xbox One) – May 2019

Dubbed a medieval version of The Last of Us, in this game you play as Amicia who is accompanied by her little brother Hugo in a stealth slash survival single-player adventure. The two siblings have to survive together, avoiding plagues of rats carrying the Black Death (pun absolutely intended) and run away from the Inquisition, in a game where the light is your friend and yet also your enemy. From all the gameplay footage I’ve seen so far, French-based Asobo Studio has done a beautiful job with this title and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering, you can on Steam right here! There might be a Switch version in the future too, so you can look forward to freaking out from swarms of rats in public as well (I know I won’t be).

Afterparty (PC/Mac) – Sometime 2019

So you and your best friend are dead and are in Hell… But it looks like that’s not actually a bad thing? At least, it doesn’t look like it’s a permanent situation, anyway!

From the creators of Oxenfree comes another adventure starring recently deceased besties Milo and Lola who’ve discovered a loophole to the afterlife: outdrink Satan and you’ll be brought back to life. Afterparty looks to be a choices-affect-outcome kind of game, so all your character interactions and actions will affect relationships and possibly change the very face of Hell…in the game, of course!

Here’s their Steam page!

Blazing Chrome (PC/PS4/Switch) – March 2019

If there were a handful of games that made up my childhood, Metal Slug is definitely within that top five. I used to go to the arcade and spend so much money on just the one cabinet, I can hear the screams of the dying bad guys just writing this paragraph! 

Blazing Chrome looks like a perfect medley of Contra and Metal Slug, a pixleart-y run’n’gun arcade game with cool looking boss fights and epic chiptunes. Just watching the trailer gave me mega feelings of nostalgia and I can’t wait to get my hands on it for the Switch, though really who wouldn’t want to get it on Switch?

Draugen (PC/PS4/Xbox One)

If you’ve never played Red Thread Games’ Dreamfall Chapters, you seriously need to change that right this moment. It is definitely one of my most favorite games in the last decade!

Draugen is a psychological mystery set in 1920s Norway, where you play Edward, an American traveler who’s looking for his missing sister. Their Steam page mentions that as you go along your journey, you’ll discover that the picturesque Norwegian village is not all that it seems, all while the surroundings change alongside the weather and Edward’s mental state. Giving me Amnesia vibes already, not sure if I should be excited or terrified!


In The Valley of Gods (PC/Mac) – Hopefully 2019 

From the creators of Firewatch (possibly one of the most beautiful Indie games of 2016), Campo Santo is coming with yet another beautiful looking, story-driven game. This time, with actual character models! This time, we’re taken to 1920s Egypt and play disgraced explorer and filmmaker Rashida, discovering ancient Egyptian ruins in search of a possible incredible archaeological discovery with the help of her former partner, Zora. Think Tomb Raider but less action and deeper stories!

The initial release date was supposed to be early February but that’s obviously not the case, so keep an eye out on their Steam page for their actual release date (and pre-order)!


My Friend Pedro (PC/Switch) – Sometime 2019

I feel like Devolver Digital has been on a roll in terms of publishing games. My most favorite mobile game is the Reigns series and it looks like Pikuniku and Ape Out look great though I have yet to personally play them.

My Friend Pedro, in a nutshell, is about committing violence in style, under the command of a sentient banana named Pedro. Deadtoast Entertainment’s upcoming shoot-em-up has you, the player, utilizing split aiming, bullet time (aka slow mo’), props, and window breaking creating action sequence after action sequence to obliterate baddies all while looking like a super cool dude (or gal!). 

Check it out on Steam by clicking here!


Untitled Goose Game (PC/Mac/Switch) – Sometime 2019

Honestly, no “2019 indie game” list is really complete without this gem. I still can’t believe developers House House hasn’t given it an actual name! But I guess in this day and age, anything and everything can be a name (anyone remembers the old Panic! At The Disco song titles?).

In Untitled Goose Game, you play guessed it: a goose. Sneak around an unsuspecting village, ticking off a check-list of things to do with one single overarching goal: to delightfully harass the villagers.

Side note: I think I’m going to call the goose Harold… He just seems like a Harold, don’t you think? Oh, look, another Steam link!




Spelunky 2 (PC/PS4) – Sometime 2019


Röki (PC I guess? It’s a point-and-click game, afterall) – Sometime 2019


Tick Tock: A Tale For Two (PC/Mac/Switch/Mobile) – March 2019


Ray’s The Dead (PC/Mac/Linux/PS4) – Sometime 2019


Atomic Heart (PC/PS4) – You guessed it: Sometime 2019


There you have it, twelve amazing looking indie titles coming out this year. I’m definitely looking forward to adding all of the above to my library’s backlog (gamer problems, am I right?). Any of these games tickle your fancy? Did I miss out any indie games from your 2019 wishlist? Let us know in the comments!


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