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Foxhunt: A refreshing take on puzzle games

A vast bizarre desert, crumbling structures, and a cute fox: these were the first things I noticed when I was starting the game Foxhunt. After my first input, the fox ran away, leaving behind a postcard with a few hints. Then I look around, noticing, that I am all alone here. The music starts playing and realize, that this is going to be one of these games that inevitably drag you in with their atmosphere.

The whole game has a very well made, fairly simple, design, which doesn’t harm it’s beauty at all. And you can almost imagine that this icy plane may exist. ButLet’s talk about being alone again. There were two particular emotions this game evoked in me. One pleasant, the way you feel on some days when you just want to be alone. Thinking about stuff without anyone interrupting your thoughts. Then, after a while being in this deserted world, I started to long for a company again. Gradually, you felt the moment shift from serenity to a slight chill. These are the moments when you are glad to find one of the Postcards, the game becomes a paperchase, an aspect I really enjoyed

Oftentimes Puzzle games like Foxhunt and other Indie Games+Puzzles do not get enough credit in my opinion, and that is indeed a real waste. The developer of Foxhunt is a perfect example why we should support smaller GameDevs, On the Website Itch.io you can find 150.000 Games (wow that’s a lot) sure many of them aren’t perfect in many regards but still some like Foxhunt are real gems the Dev. of the game Henning Koczy aka Anomalina is an Animator and you can really feel that he’s great at what he’s doing . However, I really like the Idea of playing games that aren’t AAA Titles in particular because sometimes when you play smaller games like Foxhunt it really feels personal and this is truly one of my favorite parts about gaming.

In Addition, it’s really cool how you can just chat (through the comment section) with the devs on itch.io and how you can tell the dev directly what parts of the game bothered you and what you really liked.

But let’s get back to the game itself for a second. The Puzzles in Foxhunt are really funny, in a way where overthinking things make the puzzles difficult (even though Foxhunt isn’t designed to be a hard game). You can easily finish Foxhunt in an hour or so but it was totally enjoyable to take time for myself while solving these puzzles


So if you want a fresh take on puzzle/indie games then you gotta try out this one, if you enjoyed reading this short entry about Foxhunt feel free to try it out at https://anomalina.itch.io/foxhunt

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Have a nice day and see you next time ;D


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