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If you enjoy shop tycoon games, get ready for Potion Punch

Potion Punch works similar to other shop/restaurant tycoon games. If you like silly takes on the fantasy genre, Potion Punch delivers this in a great package.

I’ve found out about Potion Punch a few days ago and decided to give it try. It’s a shop tycoon game created by Monstronauts. The first game released by their studio, premiering on May 5th of 2016. This is only 9 months after the company was founded! For a new studio, these guys did such a great job, I must say. They even reached a 4.8/5 star-rating on the Apple Store and 4.7 on Google Play. Not bad!

Potion Punch works similar to other shop/restaurant tycoon games. Customers come into your shop and place orders. Players must fill the orders by crafting items (typically food). If you take too long, the customer will get agitated and leave.

As the name makes obvious, the players of Potion Punch are crafting potions. This is where the second main mechanic of the game comes into play. Potion Punch offers a color mixing theme alongside the shopkeeping.

Potions are crafted by filling bowls with colored liquids. The patrons of your store order their potions by color, along with different add-ins and toppings. Since each bowl takes time to fill, complex colors and recipes take longer to craft. There is also a grill where customers can order food.

Potion Punch is all about time and resource management. You need to always be one step ahead of your customers. This means preparing orders before the customer even asks for them. However, over-preparing can lead to being caught off guard. Mistakes and inefficiencies waste time making it harder to complete the levels.

Features and Progression

There are a variety of venues in which to make potions. In order to complete the levels, the player must finish a specific amount of shifts. Each day gets more difficult and complex. As the level progresses, customers’ orders contain more items and complicated recipes. It looks as though there are currently six venues to complete.

Like most mobile games, Potion Punch also offers daily quests and an achievement system. These help keep the player stocked up with resources to continue upgrading and playing. Unlike many other games, there does not seem to be an energy system to limit play time.

Potion Punch has two main types of currency. Coins are used for basic upgrades and tasks. Gems are rarer but can perform more important upgrades. At the time of writing this article, there is also a third currency of gift boxes for their winter event.

One of the more interesting features of Potion Punch is the Guests panel. This screen is a hallway of portraits. Each unlocked portrait gives the player a small passive buff. The portraits can also be upgraded.

Style and Performance

Potion Punch is a good looking game. The graphics are very clean cartoon/comic book style. It reminds me of shows like Rick and Morty and Futurama, or games like Epic Spell Wars. However, Potion Punch has an aesthetic all of their own.

The game offers a humorous take on the shopkeeper’s tale. The game opens with a great cut scene. The expressions on the character’s faces are priceless. The overall feel of Potion Punch is lighthearted and fun.

The game looked amazing on both my phone (Google Pixel 2) and my Samsung Chromebook. I did not notice any lag or performance issues. The touch inputs were very responsive, which is crucial for games in this genre.

Potion Punch Review

I have been playing a lot of shopkeeper tycoon games this week. I think Potion Punch is one of the better ones I played. It is definitely more aligned with my personal preferences. I like silly takes on the fantasy genre, and Potion Punch delivers this in a great package.

I loved the color mixing aspect of the gameplay. Most shopkeeper games I played have basic recipes like food or weapons/armor. Having to think about which colors blend together adds another layer of challenge to the game. I thought this was a brilliant move on the part of the developers.

I have not put a ton of time into this game, but so far the progression seems decent. I did not feel the pressure to spend real money or spend time grinding out resources. However, there are a lot of upgrades to be had. I can see Potion Punch’s progression slowing down after the early-game rewards dry up.

Overall, I think Potion Punch is a fun and well-made game. The art style is awesome. The game’s mechanics offer a fresh take on a popular genre. Seeing as this was Monstronauts’ first game, I am curious to see what their subsequent releases are like.

Where to Find Potion Punch


The game is available for both Android and IOS. It works on both mobile phones and tablets.

Monstronauts can be found through their official website.


Bottom Line

Final Score - 8.5


Potion Punch works similar to other shop/restaurant tycoon games. If you like silly takes on the fantasy genre, Potion Punch delivers this in a great package.

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