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Clash Royale’s new token exchange system is a mess

Clash Royale‘s December update is focused on the game’s new visuals, or, as they called it, the “star level”. It’s basically where the characters will get their brand new skins as they reach level 13, which is the game’s maximum level.

However, that’s not exactly how things are gonna work. The update is not gonna be automatic and, honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how I’m gonna get to the star level. Anyway, another update caught my eye: the new token exchange system.

On the old system, you would select a card to receive and another one to give as exchange every time you’d get a coin. This system used to work pretty well, until the developers at SuperCell decided that, whoever accepts the exchange will also have to give away a token.

Then everything went wrong. This system has caused an avalanche of requests that are never answered. Since there is no limit to the exchange request, if you have 20 tokens, you are able to make all the orders at once, and with a very low chance of having your request properly answered.

Since there are countless cards, your chances of getting the right match are much lower. Not to mention that you’d better hope your clan mate has the very card you want, other than the token.

Game reviews on Google Play are devastating. The spiral of complaints echoes players’ impatience with the new token exchange system. In addition to the typical complaints about SuperCell‘s greed at limiting the actions of those players who don’t spend money on their game, we now have a common reason that unites all Clash lovers.

Legendary cards have lost legendary status for a long time. Because of that, I don’t side with those who think legendary tokens are to blame for that mess. However, creating a situation where it is virtually impossible to change them causes the game to lose momentum, which is ultimately restricting the clan members’ actions within the game.

Another recurring community request about the exchange is that the developers should return to the old trading system, however, by making the chances of getting tokens even rarer. This went well in Pokemon Go, which limited the chances of getting a Sinnoh Stone by 20% on a weekly basis and by making it available in other game features.

Hopefully, the next update will be able to balance this feature, or at least bring the old system back.


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