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Suicide Guy for Nintendo Switch is One Trippy Game

An unusual title on Nintendo eShop

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Video games and the worlds they conjure are often compared to dreams. Whether it is a bizarre landscape, strange creatures, or superhuman abilities, it is hard to deny that video games, perhaps more than many genres, incorporates weird elements that one could liken to visions from a dream.

But what about a game explicitly about dreaming and the vignettes that comes with it? That’s pretty much the gist behind the oddly titled game, Suicide Guy.

Like the weird dreams we all have at one time or another, Suicide Guy is a series of vignettes that have you assume the role of the title character and try to make it through these scenarios.

Developed by Fabio Ferrara and published by Chubby Pixel, Suicide Guy puts you in a variety of weird situations that could be described as puzzles but, alternatively, are more about the experience of exploration and discovery. You see, Suicide Guy wants to die, but he can’t. Specifically, he wants to escape these dreams but the only way out seems to be dying somehow. It’s up to the player to figure out this Groundhog Day effect and break the cycle.

It describes itself as a story-based game but, with 28 levels (25 standard, 3 bonus stages) it is just as much a platformer as anything else. There are physics-based elements as well as zany creatures that you will encounter in the course of the game. If that doesn’t describe the basics of a platforming title, we don’t know what does. A lot of the world is interactive and there are even vehicles to drive as well as collectibles for completionists. Still, even with all of these cliches, Suicide Guy stands out as being something distinctly all its own. That’s to say it is a little weird.

The graphics look like they are ripped straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon but the tenor of the game is more mature than that. It’s actually a little jarring to see this on a Nintendo system to be perfectly honest. Yet, if we had to choose any way to play it, we would choose the Switch because its controls are unique enough to make some of the in-game mechanics that much more interactive.

A quirky, fun game, Suicide Guy is one of those rare indie titles that happens to do something different with elements that are pretty common to video games as a whole.

Weird elements aside, a lot of it is a traditional platformer with emergent discovery elements. It’s tough to criticize Suicide Guy because it is attempting something different and it does it in a bold way. But it’s not for all gamers.

People who really like indie titles should definitely pick it up but Suicide Guy might be too weird for younger gamers or those people that are more accustomed to mainstream experiences.

Though it is available for other platforms, we think the Switch offers a unique way to experience Suicide Guy that isn’t to be discounted.

Check it out here.


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