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Hitman 2 is a great game built upon the best features of its predecessor

The latest version of Hitman has a new publisher and a fresh release style. For example, it has more episodes than the previous versions and comes with a snazzy new flamingo mascot suit. Perhaps what sets it out as an exceptional game is the relationship with the earlier games. This is the greatest thing about the game according to most players.

It is evident what the designers had in mind when they set out to build the 2018 version of Hitman 2. There is a new content that recognizes and complements the previous version. This is, therefore, an incarnation of the legendary assassination simulator and a pleasant surprise to fans. It comes at a time when rumors spread about not having any more from Hitman. Warner Bros gave their fans something to enjoy this year.

Hitman 2 is a great game built upon the best features of its predecessor

First Impressions

The first time you get a glance at the demo of this game, you will notice its resemblance to the original version. It is an advancement of the old Hitman but retains most of the features to keep the fans glued to the game traditions. It has the sandboxes build like layer cakes and Agent 47 brings his traditional style. If you get to play a portion of the Miami mission in the new Hitman 2, you will quickly find it familiar. The crowds of potential targets and the tricky path to a single end is part of the arrangement. The character is the same walking, killing, comedy machine that you got acquainted with in the earlier version.

The Plot

The story revolves around Agent 47 who begins a mission to find the mysterious Shadow Client. With a hard case to crack, the character’s hunt is against time and finding the clues to the villain’s location is critical to his quest. He gets his first leads of the location in New Zealand from Shadow Client’s lieutenants. He gets permission to hunt down the rest of the militia from Providence thanks to his skill and performance. The activities of the outlawed group have grown in fame around the world and are causing global panic.

Hitman 2 is a great game built upon the best features of its predecessor

Agent 47’s past is unknown and this adds a twist to the story to turn it into a complex movie-oriented game. Reynold gets a hold of information about this controversial past. It is about the assassination of tech giant Robert Knox and daughter Sierra to control the economy of the tech world. Selling advanced weapons to war criminals is also part of the complications revealed to Providence. This leads to bloodshed as a combat ensures where Providence loses many of the operatives.

Columbia is the next destination for Agent 47. Here, drug lord Rico Delgado and his strongmen have been smuggling network and supplies to a militia. This assassination attempt takes place successfully and reported to Providence via Diana. The use of flashback shows the murder of Providence’s family who was buried in Surrey after succumbing to injuries in an accident.

Other missions include Johannesburg, Shanghai, Romania, and Berlin where the Agent finds tougher conditions every time. The advanced stages offer more technicalities to increase the difficulty in the mission.

Game Play

This game feels easier to play compared to the earlier version thanks to the refinements in the UI. It introduced features such as the picture in picture mode that highlights the bodies you find. They also focus on assassination stories where Agent 47 is the reliable contract assassin. He works for the ICA (International Contract Agency) and travels the globe to eliminate high-profile targets.

There are six missions in distinct locations. Miami is the first place Agent 47 is assigned to assassinate the tech mogul father before setting off to Columbia for a drug lord after completion. The new release introduces the four more missions (Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Vermont, and Sgail Island). The island is fictitious unlike the rest of the regions.

Worth playing?

What the designers of this game did to make it an iterative rework of the 2016’s release is amazing. This is the best version of one of the best games. Considering the tightly designed levels, fun stealth gameplay, and the lesser punishment, it is the best Hitman game the designers have built so far. Although there is less risk and lesser punishment with loads of gadget repetition, this is a great game to try out. The most experienced gamers have recommended it hence; it is worth playing.

Bottom Line

Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 10
Art - 9
Music - 10
Fun - 10


Considering the tightly designed levels, fun stealth gameplay, and the lesser punishment, Hitman 2 is the best game of this franchise so far.

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