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Try not to become a vampire in Immortal Darkness: Curse of The Pale King

Throw some stunning, highly polished graphics and some chibi-looking characters against a horror-esque backdrop and you have the right material for a deliciously unforgettable RPG dungeon crawler. That’s my attempt at figuring out the recipe for Immortal Darkness: Curse of the Pale King, which got me immediately impressed the first time I saw its trailer some weeks ago.

Call me superficial or shallow if you like, but I’m more easily drawn to good-looking games like this one. Of course, my intuition, that tends to match quality with beauty, doesn’t work all the time, but that was not the case after I started playing Immortal Darkness. If you wanna try it out, you’ll play as Shade, a hero bitten by a powerful, ancient vampire. Shade is in a mission to kill him before his transformation is complete and he finally succumbs to immortal darkness forever.

Immortal Darkness

So this is how the game starts. The dark lord Shade is trying to kill “welcomes” you into his dungeon with that monstrous voice you heard on the trailer.  As you guide our hero throughout, you’ll find very cleverly elaborated, challenging puzzles and traps, as well as some evil chibi-looking creatures trying to kill you. Watch out! If they hit you, you get hurt but you can also heal yourself by drinking some of the blood they’ll leave behind after you kill them. You’ll learn the drill soon. But, most importantly, if you don’t want to expedite your transformation into a blood-sucking thing, don’t go jumping on to every healing blood bottle you’ll find on your way.

Immortal Darkness

Although you’ll find this game quite traditional in terms of what an RPG has to offer, there’s a lot to explore.  As you pay close attention to how much blood you’ve been taking, mind the breakable walls can hide important items. Use your sense of rhythm and timing to go around moving floors challenged by fireballs crossing your path. Learn the combat and spellcasting right because things tend to get harder as you progress to higher levels.

Immortal Darkness

Immort Darkness: Curse of the Pale King, created by Giant Space Monster, is available right now on Steam. Check it out.


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