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Epic sues Fortnite streamers for broadcasting and selling cheats

And they want a share of what they made

The relationship between content producers and publishers on the internet keeps adding up to the meaning of gaming. From the neutral and almost innocent past definitions of game and play as something from which pleasure and interaction come without serious consequences, we’ve come so far as to bring a lawsuit as a possibility to the end of the line of your career as a gamer. I’m talking about the Fortnite cheaters’ phenomenon, or gaming streamers caught by Epic while using game cheats.

This is not new, as Epic launched many lawsuits in 2017 against many players for the same reason, including a 14-year-old boy. In 1999, a PlayStation hardware hack also became a court case. Let’s also remember that World of Warcraft bots didn’t go unnoticed under the eyes of Blizzard, which also made it into a copyright infringement case.

The latest move by Epic is a lawsuit against Fortnite streamers Brandon Lucas (Golden Modz) and  Colton Conter (Excentric) for posting videos of Fortnite cheats and instructing their viewers to buy cheating tools. In short, Epic wants a share of what Lucas and Conter have made from sharing the cheats, a refund for their court costs and the cheat videos to be removed.

Does Epic need that money? I doubt it, but this lawsuit is definitely telling you to stay the hell away from their goldmine and that cheating in gaming does come with serious consequences. Stay out of trouble.




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  1. I remember the days when cheat codes were free and optional. When I was a kid, cheat codes could be found in magazines like Nintendo Power or on Cheat Code Central during the early years of the Internet. To top it off, these cheat codes could be used freely in video games in ways that would increase the fun factor. Oh, how times sure have changed.

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