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Sades Spirit Wolf Headset Review

The price is perfect for an entry-level headset. But does it deliver?

I need to mention that I received this product at a deep discount for the purpose of writing a review. This is my second Sades headset (I paid full price for the first) and wouldn’t have accepted this offer if I wasn’t confident I would like it and be able to write an honest review.  Opinions are my own.

Sades Spirit Wolf – Out of the box

Right out of the box, the Spirit Wolf headset looks sleek and shiny. More importantly, it feels sturdy. The plastic is solid and dense and, according to the box, the thing has “metal construction.” The whole thing looks plastic to me, but I suppose the underlying framework must be metal.

The outside of the earcups glows with the wolf logo, doing a pretty nifty slow pulse. A stylish slash down the cup also glows with an eerie light. The whole thing looks quite impressive and screams quality.

The ear cups pulse with cool blue light.

Sound Quality and Comfort

No complaints. Powerful lows and subtle highs are all audible and distinguishable, even at lower volumes. The earcups help isolate the sound and prevent bleed from ambient noises.

The generously large earcups allow plenty of room for airflow, and they won’t squish normal-sized ears. If you’ve got gigantic ears, they may get squeezed, but I kind of doubt it. The headset is relatively heavy and sturdy, so the headband’s cushioning really comes in handy. It is thick and…well, cushiony.

The headband adjusts about an inch and a half on each side, so it should fit any human head comfortably. Gray aliens may have a problem, though.


The extra-long cable is helpful and comes with a remote that allows the wearer to mute the sound or microphone and adjust volume. The mic folds neatly away in a pocket on the side of the left earcup, so it won’t snag or get in the way when not in use.


Though the price may seem too good to be true, the Sades Spirit Wolf actually does deliver high-quality sound and durability and it looks darn good. Definitely a great value for the modest price.


Obs: The author received a free sample of this product for this review.

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