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Kontrakt – a game created by a victim of schizophrenia

Schizophrenia! Yes, you read that right: this game was inspired and is focused around schizophrenia. Fun fact – I myself am a victim of schizophrenia. It hit me out of nowhere by the end of my teen years, I spent hours and years researching the disease and absolutely surprisingly managed to cure it and use the experience as an inspiration for everything I create, games obviously, my paintings, etc.

You could definitely say it is a miracle and one thing every doctor, google link or just a random person will tell you is that schizophrenia can’t be cured.  So, basically by playing the game you get to experience what drives a schizophrenic person and how he reacts in the most twisted situations (and also, what a game from someone who had to deal with this disorder looks and plays like).

Along with all the mental challenges that I had to face during my dark years, came the financial issues, deteriorating relationships, and physical problems. I had to sell my apartment, my car and hit the rock bottom at some point. Now I’m slowly turning my life around as I create games as a solo developer from a single room of a demolishing house, hoping to get a break soon.

Kontrakt - a game about schizophrenia by a victim of schizophrenia

More about the game

While I prefer not to talk much about the story, all I can say is that it’s quite tragic and twisted in ways that I could best portray the disorder. It’s all about the surrounding symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions, hallucinations and flattened emotions, leaving the player wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. Each contract has its own story and serves as an example of what hearing voices and orders are about.

Since schizophrenia is mostly a never-ending dialogue within your mind, I wanted to recreate the same feeling while developing Kontrakt, so dialogues are an important part of the game. That’s all I can share for now without spoiling too much. If it might be your cup of tea then be sure to add Kontrakt to your wishlist on Steam and you’ll be notified as soon as there is an update.

Kontrakt - a game about schizophrenia by a victim of schizophrenia

I’m not going to start telling you how awesome my game is or how much effort I put into creating it. That’s what every game developer would say about their game. What I am going to talk about is what makes Kontrakt stand out. Kontrakt is a hyper-violent action-adventure game about schizophrenia with a dark and twisted story. You will be in a role of a hitman involved in mysterious contract killing while uncovering dirty truth and secrets behind the City of Light.

Check it out on Steam.


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Founded in 2016 by Shota Bobokhidze, Shot X Studio is a one-man company based in Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia.

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