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Defiance 2050 Sucks

Beep, beep, beep! My suck-dar is going crazy!

I know I’ve said this before, and just for the sake of clickbait. But this time I mean it! And as of this writing, 307 owners on Steam can attest to it as well. Defiance 2050 sucks.

Despite being a top trending game on Steam, peaking at 1,500 simultaneous players on launch day, it has a big, red, nasty Mostly Negative user rating. Only 34% of reviewers have left positive feedback, and the majority of feedback zeroes in on a couple of major issues.

Defiance 2050 bug battle

  1. The lag in Defiance 2050 sucks

Of course, this could happen to any popular game at launch, and it’s a technical problem that is already being addressed. But launching a game that you aren’t equipped to support is a big-time no-no and the publisher should have known better. Players are getting disconnected or having such lag that the game is unplayable. Even if they fix this problem, massive PR damage has already occurred. Players are pissed.

  1. It’s the exact same as the old Defiance

Fans of the original game were excited to get into this new version, only to discover that the free content is the same. The bugs and glitches are the same, too. Which is annoying to many reviewers.

There is some new content as well, but it all seems to be trapped behind paywalls. And nobody likes that.

  1. The aesthetic improvements are barely noticeable

According to one reviewer, it looks better on console than on Steam. But many Steam users are reporting the updates can barely be perceived. Defiance is not a new game, it can’t hold a candle to new MMOs being rolled out. Billing this as an updated version for current-gen consoles and computers, it really ought to be tight and truly updated for modern machines. Instead, there are mild tweaks that barely mask the game’s age. In short, the aesthetic update for Defiance 2050 sucks.

Developers are already rolling out updates and patches to stem the tide of negative press. But it may well be too little, too late. The original Defiance did fairly well, and is still pretty well regarded. The update does too little to draw new players, and it does much to turn off fans of the original.

So don’t take my word for it. Take the word of your fellow players and Steam reviewers. Defiance 2050 sucks. Sorry.


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Steven Long

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