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The best indie titles presented at Stunfest

Because we frogs can make great indie games too!

Have you ever heard of Brittany? Well, it’s as rainy as Great Britain, except it’s in France. Land of seafood, sausages, and crepes, the changing weather of this region made it known to be “sunny several times a day”. If Rennes, its main city, is far from the windy coasts for which the area is famous, it has one event that will interest you if you’re not a big fan of backpacking in foreign countries: Stunfest, an indie game festival hosting the Capcom Pro Tour over a weekend. Here is a selection of some of the best titles presented this year in competition, to discover what we froggies have to offer in terms of indie gaming.

Skybolt Zack

[vimeo 173039200 w=640 h=360]

Skybolt Zack (Video Game Trailer of 2016) from ISART DIGITAL on Vimeo.

Halfway between a beat them all and a rhythm game, Skybolt Zack is my personal favorite. Although it seems to be quite simple to master and threatening to be repetitive, the developers have integrated lots of different ways to explore the different levels and you will quickly get addicted by this action-packed funny game. An alpha demo is already available, and let’s hope this student project that has already won several prizes will spread its wings to rocket punch the indie world!


This classical yet interesting Rogue-like turn-based RPG takes place in 2052, where robots have fully integrated the society. Oppressed by the human race, they have developed an artificial intelligence (you) designed for one reason and one only: lead the revolution of our fellow mechanical friends. With a high level of customization and several different robots to recruit in your army, this game which story changes depending on your choices promises to offer a couple of hours filled with intense battles. The version I could get a hang of was fun to play yet a little repetitive, I just hope the developers have had some thoughtful ideas to make the game challenging on the long term. It’s already on early access on steam so try it if you’re fond of pimping robots!


Sumocrats is not a game where you have to manage a society governed by sumotoris. No, even though that would be quite fun too. Instead, this fun little game is a Zero G sport simulation in which you have to face opponents in 2vs2 matches filled with action, cosmonaut style flights and harsh fights no strings -nor gravity- attached. I couldn’t play the game myself but provided the reactions of the people I saw playing it makes me believe this promising title will provide you with fun for quite a couple of hours. You can sign up to the alpha demo here in order to try it and judge for yourself. But don’t get addicted and play the game all day long while eating sushi, because you may as well end up being a Japanese style sumo yourself!

BONUS : Domiverse (out of competition)

Ever dreamed of a super smash bros version where all characters would be overpowered? Here you go. Domiverse is an intense one-hit brawler where every mistake can be fatal since all characters have only one health point. Playable with 3 of your mates in local mode, it offers 5 game modes and 10 playable characters each with unique abilities and super powers. It felt super fun to play with strangers, so I just can’t imagine how good it would be with friends of yours.

Satisfied with what you just saw? Come visit us in Rennes, France next year in may at Stunfest 2019!


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