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Top 6 Upcoming Games from Indie Developers

Keep an eye on these upcoming indie games

As we reach the halfway point for 2018 we’ve seen some fantastic games from indie developers. From the futuristic tactics game, Into the Breach by Subset Games, to Far: Lone Sails, the stunning atmospheric vehicle adventure by Okomotive studios, 2018 has brought us some stellar works, and the year is only half done.

So to save you a little time and a ton of precious energy that could be used playing games instead of finding them, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 games from indie developers (in no particular order) to keep an eye out for in the last half of 2018.


Chasm: PS4, Vita and PC –Summer 2018

For me, this game is probably the most anticipated of 2018. I’ve been a huge Metroidvania fan since the first time I played Metroid on my O.G. Gameboy (yeah, that handheld console cleverly disguised as a cinderblock) back in the early 90’s.

In the past few years, games like Ori and the Blind forest, and Hollowknight have reinvigorated and restored my faith in Metroidvania titles. Chasm, by BitKid, Inc. has taken that ball and ran with it for a slam-dunk. Ok, maybe sports metaphors aren’t my thing. The point is, BitKid, Inc. is creating what I’m sure will be a colossal contribution to the Metroidvania genre with a delightfully articulated retro aesthetic.

You play as a brave knight, looking to prove his worth. You explore an expansive, procedurally-assembled map, discover new abilities, secret areas, and customizable weapons and armor to help you fight off a variety of evil foes.

Bad North: Pc, Mobile, Console – 2018

This is a game I’m really freaking excited for, and you should be too! Bad North, by Plausible Concept, is advertised as a ‘minimalistic, real-time tactics rogue-lite’ with ‘charming brutality,’ ‘deceptive simplicity,’ and ‘accessible depth.’

Bad North appeals to those players who like detailed and complex tactics games, as well as the casual gamer. You control a group of island dwellers as you manage resources, recruit warriors, and protect your people against waves of Nordic invaders on a series of beautifully minimalistic, procedurally generated islands.

Griftlands: Windows – 2018

From Klei, the creators of Don’t Starve, and Oxygen Not Included, comes another uniquely animated, fairly open world adventure.

Griftlands is a turn-based RPG, seemingly taking place in a Samurai Jack-Star Wars hybrid world with an emphasis on trading and bargaining. Everything is for sale, and dirty dealing is encouraged.

Though not much has been released by Klei regarding story, game mechanics, or really anything, but if they put as much energy into Griftlands as they do their other projects (which I’m sure they will), this should be on your must play list. Griftlands will host procedurally generated NPCs, non-linear story telling, and a ‘sandbox’ style
piracy experience.

The Gardens Between: PS4, PC, and Mac – Q3 2018

If resource management and tactics games aren’t really your thing, you’re still in luck. The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents might be up your alley. This game, similar to Griftlands, has been a bit hush-hush. Not much information is readily available. What we do have though, is enough to merit its inclusion in this list.

The Gardens Between is an atmospheric time-traveling puzzle adventure. Offered as a ‘dreamy tale of adventure and exploration,’ where you use time, not the characters themselves, to solve a series of ‘in depth puzzles and challenges,’ for a ‘restful, relaxing experience.’

These descriptions are from The Voxel agents’ website, but it is clear that this game looks gorgeous and seems perfect for casual players and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

Death Trash: PC, Mac, Linux – “When its Done” (Expected 2018)

A complete 180 from The Gardens Between (in a very good way), there’s Berlin-based developer Crafting Legends’ post-apocalyptic action RPG Death Trash.

Gritty, grotesque and unapologetically brutal, this game is one to keep an eye on. Death Trash combines elements of dark humor, abhorrent monsters, dialog, crafting and real-time combat into some sort of monstrous sci-fi, cyberpunk, pixel art horror concoction.

…again, in a good way!

The Last Night: Xbox One, Windows, Mac, Linux

Last but certainly not least is The Last Night, by Odd Tales.

This game looks nothing short of magnificent. Based on a browser game of the same name which won best
overall game in a cyberpunk game jam. The Last Night (2018) published by Raw Fury, is sure to make waves in the gaming world.

The Last Night is a 2.5D cinematic platformer combining 2D and pixel art graphics to create a visually-stunning atmosphere.

You play as Charlie, a poor man living in a cyberpunk world where machines now do all menial labor and affluence is abundant. The game incorporates mild platforming, gunfights, dialog, and stealth aspects. It is set to release worldwide on most platforms in 2018. Once again, little is known about the exact details regarding game mechanics and story. But based on the trailer and hype surrounding it, this is set to be an indie game phenomenon. Put this on your wishlist!


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