Super Navecitas 2 – Cardboard cockroaches are coming from the space

Super Navecitas 2 is a game like no other. All elements are drawn by hand on cardboard. It is one chapter in the adventures of Cafard, a martian cockroach that lives in mars. In this game, cafard steals an artifact possessing a radiation capable of eliminating the human race and its objective is to escape from its planet, to go to earth, but the road will be full of obstacles.
This is a conceptual game where the drawings are made on cardboard by a single person, as well as all the sounds, and the soundtrack is made with a human voice by a single person too.

All the elements are integrated planes in a 3D space. This is the first game of 3 and is called Super Navecitas 2 because 2 means 2D. The sequence to this game is a 3D VR game and the last chapter is in GO 4, with geolocation. The main idea is that the player experiences a story through different technologies. For the first two games, the player will play as a character, and in the final chapter, they’re gonna be himself out in the hunt for space cockroaches.

Get the Google Play Demo here.



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Im Sebastian Fernandez from Argentina Im a game developer,, 3d artist and I work in this since 2004. I love to create original and unique content for games and any kind of media.

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