Five Nations brings you back the traditional 2D RTS

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An open source real-time strategy game that narrates the events of a galactic battle between five distinct races


Five Nations is a new space-based RTS game in development by Webellion. You take part in a galactic battle on what should become a huge scale, spanning five distinct races. The gameplay takes place in deep space with a wide variety of units bringing back the classic atmosphere of strategy games such as Stracraft: Brood War or Age of Empires. The player has total control over micro and macro unit management, production and economy that provides long hours of gameplay and a fully engaging experience. Distinctive. tech trees and more than 100 uniquely designed units assure that each race requires a completely different strategy to lead them to victory.

The project is both crowdfunded and open-source, therefore there are several different levels you can get involved on.

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