Space Junk Rage

Greeting you space boppers from the cosmos. There is a new space pirate on the scene and he goes by the name “Klats”. Klats is a real down bro that cruises through the open nebula’s in search of adventure and space duckets. While cruising one day, a call came in from HQ explaining that a space trucker lost the majority of his cargo in the Smokula 9 nebula.

HQ further explained that there is a precious stone called “jewel junk” that is worth a lot of duckets. Without needing no more info Klats zip towards the region before anyone else can reach there.

Join Klats as he pilots a cruiser through all the cargo crates that are floating in infinite space. Avoid them as possible and collect those jewel junk stones. Crash into a crate and it’s game over bro. Space Junk Rage will have three types of control schemes to chose from such as: keyboard, gamepad/joystick, and touch.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Browsers

Genere: Action

Release Date: TBA





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Tavaris Johnson

Greeting from the grid my name is Tavaris Johnson and I am the solo dev at Johnson 80 Games. I have a B.S. in Computer Science emphasis in Game Software Development. I create any game from point 'n' click to platformers. So now I shall share my stats: Age of gaming: 4 Hobbies: Lego's, R.C., Comic books, Action Figures, Music Development, Anime and Level Design Years Developing: 12 Programming Languages: C#, C++, OOP, and HTML Art Tools: Inkscape, 3D Max, Pyxel Editor, Sketch Book, Gimp, Pro Motion NG, and Photoshop First Game Develop: Can you guess the color Second Game Develop: Tal or Gor (text-base rpg no-visuals) Game Projects: Ku Blast Brawl, Night Run, Bombs La Bombs, Frankie Halloween Defense, Robber Robber    

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