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Become a grand master with SparkChess

Learn, practice, perfect your game and dominate the leaderboard!

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You’re the best chess player in the neighborhood and want a new challenge? Or maybe you just want to learn at your own pace at home to become so? Either way, SparkChess was made for you.

Oh, there are plenty of online chess games, and some of them are quite popular. But SparkChess offers something new that goes beyond simply playing chess and matchmaking. Although we shouldn't underestimate those aspects of it, either. Both the online games and the single-player matches offer a great challenge and an intuitive interface. Also, SparkChess is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and by a web browser, so no matter how you play, you're covered.

But the biggest draw for SparkChess isn't the gameplay itself; it's the community it fosters. SparkChess hosts a robust website offering multiplayer matchups, leaderboards of the top players, chess puzzles to help hone your skills, the ability to record and replay your past games and all kinds of other fun stuff.


HD 3D dynamic board

Unlike many chess games that display a flat 2-dimensional board, SparkChess offers a fully dynamic 3D board. You can rotate and zoom to find your ideal position and examine the pieces from any angle. Players have unprecedented control over the board with SparkChess.

Over 20 exclusive chess lessons

If chess clubs aren’t your bread and butter or if you can’t find one near you, Spark Chess will take care of everything. With over 20 exclusive lessons to enhance your skills, you will soon be the king or the queen of the board, and surprise all your relatives with your crazy moves.

5 different levels of difficulty

If even after learning astounding techniques you don’t feel confident enough to face human opponents, 5 AI with different game styles are available for you to challenge. Cody is the best for kids and beginners, Deon knows the rules but easily falls into traps and Claire is a perfect match for coffee breaks if your level is average. For more advanced players, meet Boris and Guru, an old master which is slow but deadly. Do you believe humans can beat machines? Prove it!


Exciting multiplayer mode

When you get ready you can try your luck in our multiplayer mode and face opponents from all over the world that meet your level. A chat feature is available, but it is not activated by default so that you don’t get annoyed by talkative players. Gather points to unlock new game modes and become the best chess player in the world! A leaderboard is here so that you can compare yourself to the best players around.

Edit and replay your games

If you’re the type of person who likes to learn by analyzing errors (and we ensure you it’s the best type of person to be), the editing tool should suit you perfectly. Pause and rewind your games using intuitive controls. You can even do it while watching a live multiplayer game! Export and import your games in the standard PGN format to see what worked and what didn’t, find out why and improve your skills by playing famous online games and learn from them.

Convinced? You can try SparkChess for free on While you're there, check out the great community and see the awesome features available to premium members.


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