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Why major media outlets won’t review my game?

Hi! My name is Xavier Milson and I have had a media outlet for a year and a half, now.

With this post, I mean to organize some tips for everyone who is interested in getting their game known or, at least, get the so-wanted attention from media in general.  Please be advised that I have no intention to be formal, and I swear A LOT. So, let’s get going:

1 – Why won’t IGN review my game?

The hard truth, dudes and dudettes: your game is probably shit. Even more so if it is your first game. Speaking only about indies: go buy that fucking masterpiece of Rogue Legacy on PC and read about (in-game. The big portraits tell little stories from their other games) how many failed projects Ted and Kenny had before their breakthrough. And they’ve had a relative fail AFTER that, because of poor advertising about what the fuck was their new game, Full Metal Furies (it’s furies, not furries, you weirdos).

So, the initial question is: why won’t they review it? Are they a big, bad, evil corporation? Probably. But that’s not the main reason they won’t review your game.


Not convinced? Let me use my small outlet as an example: we VERY RARELY receive a request for review.  We review games that I, myself, request from developers or publishers. Since January first until today, 6th of April, we have had 120 reviews made/ready. ONLY FOR GAMES THAT I REQUESTED.  ONLY WITH PS4 VR. ONLY FOR THE STUDIOS WHO REPLIED TO MY REQUEST WITH A CODE FOR REVIEW. Since January 1st – until I’ve stopped counting because it was too much work for the sake of an argument – there have been 366 games released on all platforms. And I’ve stopped mid march. And no mobile games included.

And that’s my small outlet. I have 13 people doing reviews and we can barely manage the time. BUT YOU HAVE WAY MORE CHANCES CONVINCING US ON REVIEWING YOUR PUBLICATION THAN IGN. You do need to aim big, but that’s what’s everyone’s doing. If your game strike big, good. But there’s no shame in resorting to smaller outlets to make your game known. That’s like putting the lotto on the financial plans for your game.

2 – My game is ready. Where’s my adoration and claim of superior intellect?

This one is supposed to hit the stomach: a full game is not even half your work. You have to know the small media channels that can get your game rolling.

I’m seriously considering putting a +18 no images section on my review page. Just so that I can fap to review perv games, that don’t get attention from the big media, even if they’re good in quality and keep you interested after you came. Games like Flappy bird – low effort, ridiculously large amount of money – can only be made by the eighth son of an eighth son. It’s a fact. You can look it up. They’re not for regular people. I think that this is a wrap for the first part of my tips. Next part, you’ll be getting links for very small indie publishers and one or two small-medium media outlets for asking for reviews.


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