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Kofi Quest–Explore the Hardships of Inhabiting an RPG

Loftur Studio brought me a cartoon about video game characters. And it. Is. Awesome.

The search for entertainment never ends, does it? For gamers especially, who have endless amounts of quality games and fun, are rarely at a loss for something truly new to enjoy. Yet once in a while, even I am impressed by the originality of some devs. Loftur Studio and their uniquely-charming Kofi Quest fit that bill quite nicely.

What is Kofi Quest?

Well it’s a few things, actually.

First and primarily, Kofi Quest is a web cartoon that follows the sometimes-funny, sometimes-ironic and always keenly self-aware adventures of Kofi (pronounced like coffee), a lazy adventurer and video game character.

Secondly, Kofi Quest is an upcoming video game based on that cartoon.

Comparing the cartoon and the game trailer side by side, they look very much the same. Kofi Quest Alpha MOD looks like an interactive extension of the cartoon, which looks like a video game anyway. It’s hard to explain the tongue-in-cheek approach Loftur has taken in addressing the Fourth Wall. At least, not without diminishing the novelty of it.

Basically, Kofi Quest addresses the day-to-day trials and tribulations of being a video game hero. Kofi is sometimes motivated to grind and level up. Other times he would rather play video games of his own, or sit around the couch with his summoned slime companion, Lime. Together they adventure through cliché RPG lands interacting with NPCs or not, getting into fights they often lose and dealing with other player characters.

Really, I don’t want to give it away.

Kofi Quest is good. I suggest you stop reading this right now and check it out. The episodes are short—around 5 minutes for most of them. So why not go have a look?

Loftur already has a pretty big following in their native Spanish language. But newly translated and brilliantly voice-acted English versions are now available and getting some of the spotlight they really deserve.

The video game, Kofi Quest Alpha MOD is set to release later this year on Steam.


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