Urban Fighters – The Secret Base

In the latest posts, we talked about the fighters and the combat system of the game, in this post we are going to talk about the secret base. When we started thinking about Urban Fighters we didn’t want to create a static game with lots of menus, we wanted to create a dynamic game with a component of customization. This is how we came up with the idea of the secret base, a building with spaces where rooms can be built. Each room has a different use and it’s the player who decides which rooms to put in the secret base in. There will be the following types of rooms:
  • Bar, in this room the player will be able to enter the different fight offline modes: quick fight, club mode and survival.
  • Nursery, when the fighters die in the offline modes they will go to the nursery and the player will have to wait a certain amount of time in order to use those fighters again.
  • Shop, this is the room where things will be bought.
  • Throne Room, this room is the heart of the secret base. In this room, players will create their online team and they will be able to play online battles. It will be upgradeable, everytime that the players upgrade the room new room slots will be unlocked alongside with new levels in club mode.
  • Gym, where fighters train their strength.
  • Meditation Room, where fighters train their techniques.
  • Running Room, where fighters train their agility.
  • The Lab, where fighters train their defense.
  • Fusion Lab, in this room, players will be able to combine fighters in order to create stronger ones.
  • Operations Room, this room will give reward bonuses for each offline mode.
  • Relaxing Room, the players that spent time in this room will have exp bonus.
The secret base will be the main screen of the game and all the different game modes and characteristics of the game will be accessed touching the different rooms similar to an interactive menu.

We are working hard to create a good experience and a dynamic game. Stay tuned to discover more about Urban Fighters and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact us if you feel like!

Twitter account: @UrbanFightersMb

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