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 In this post, we are going to talk about the battle system of Urban Fighters. The idea for the battle system was to make something similar to Pokemon but with old RPGs characteristics, battles where you control a group of fighters and have to select a move for each fighter each turn.

First of all, we are going to talk about the movements, as we explained in the previous post there are different types of fighters: traditional fighters, gym fighters, street fighters, freestyle fighters and martial artists. There are also movements of each type and the fighters can only learn the movements of their own type except the martial artist who can learn all type of movements. Apart from this, there are three different kinds of movements:

  • Physical movements, the statistic that counts for this type of attack is the strength.
  • Technical movements, the statistic that counts for this type of attack is the technique.
  • Mixed movements, both strength and technique count for this type of attack.

Every character can only know 3 movements at the same time so the player will have to pontificate well wich movements he wants to teach to his fighters. The movements have a required level to be learned and some of the movements have a cooldown that can be of 1 or 2 turns.

Once the battle starts the player has to pick auto or manual mode, in the auto mode the player doesn’t have to do anything, the AI will make all the decisions, while in the manual mode the player has to select the movements of his fighters.

In each turn the player has to select the movements of his team, once he has selected all the movements the fight will take place. The order of the attacks will be determined by the agility of each fighter. The battle ends when all the fighters of a team are defeated.

In conclusion, it is a simple but intense turn-based combat system that we hope you will enjoy. Soon we will post some gameplay videos so you will be able to see it in action. Comment what you think and give us some feedback please! See you soon!

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