Urban Fighters – Types and Statistics

Today, we want to talk about the Fighters of our game Urban Fighters. When we started developing the game, we wanted to create a game with mechanics from strategy and RPG games but adapted and simplified for a more casual public. This is why we decided to create a simple and understandable stats system.

The first thing we want to talk is about fighters, there are five different type of fighters:

  • Traditional fighters
  • Gym fighters
  • Street fighters
  • Freestyle fighters
  • Martial artists

These types work like the pokemon types, some of them have advantages over others except the martial artist who doesn’t have advantages or disadvantages of any type.

Every character will have four different statistics:

  • Strength works for some kind of moves
  • Technic works for some kind of moves
  • Agility determines the attack order
  • Defense reduces the damage received

The maximum of each statistic will increase every time that the fighters reach a new level, but the player will need to train his characters in different rooms in order to reach those maximums for each statistic. For example, if a fighter is at level 6 and he achieves level 7 his max statistics will increase but his current statistics won’t, the player will have to train him in different rooms so his current statistics grow to the maximum.

The fighters will start at level 1 and the maximum level will be 10. The statistics of each fighter will be set randomly, this way there will never be 2 identic characters even if they are the same character. It is possible that a player has 2 times the same fighter and one has more strength and the other has more technic. We thought that this would be interesting because this way the player can explore which type of character prefers and it will be impossible to say that a character is better than other.

Finally, all the characters won’t have the same quality, there will be different qualities:

  • 1 star
  • 2 stars
  • 3 stars
  • Platinum star

The fighters with 1 star will have worse statistics than fighters with a platinum star, but this is random, every fighter can be of every quality. Obviously, 1-star fighters will be more common than 3 star and platinum star fighters. But don’t worry, there is a room called fusion room where the player can fusion tho fighters into one in order to upgrade his quality.

Soon we will talk about the fighting moves and the battle system. Stay tuned!

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Red Pencil Games is a games studio formed by three young developers from Castellón de la Plana, Spain. The three of us studied the Video Games Development and Design bachelor from the Universitat Jaume Primer from Castellón. We are video games enthusiast who love playing games, but we also love to develop them. We decided to develop our own game because we wanted to do something that we could really enjoy and that we could do with passion. Our main objective is to develop games that people can play and enjoy for a long time, games where players can compete with other players and with their friends. We want to create games that people can play for fun or also for the thrill of competition. All these things combined with a cool and beautiful artstyle for the enjoyment of the players.

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