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Monster Garden – An Adorable Adventure!

Presented at 2017 IndieCade Europe, Monster Garden is an exploration game which concept is simple as a bubble: you have to make every monster of the neighborhood your friend.

Monster Garden is officially out this week, so here is a review as quick as a blink to show you how great it is. One sense = One sweet monster illustrating at best the corresponding aspect of the game. Warning: IndieWatch is not responsible for rainbows you may be puking while reading this article.

Sight (Graphics)


Isn’t Gizmo so cute you want to pet his plushy face for hours? Monster Garden’s graphics are so cute you will melt in your seat while exploring its colorful settings. The monsters all have a very unique character design and you probably will have trouble telling which one is the most adorable. Exploring its environment will bring you nothing but sweetness and peace… No matter you would have thought of the game by reading its title!

Touch (Gameplay)


monster gardenLet’s be honest, playing Monster Garden is child’s play. Arrows for moving, enter or space for interacting; that’s it. But just like Elmo, even these basic mechanics will entertain and most often surprise you.

Mastering the game is slightly more difficult, since you sometimes have to manage the personality of the monsters and act accordingly so that they become your friends. Experimenting is also the key to gathering as many friends as possible in your garden, and you will have no trouble playing the game again and again since it is quite short.

Hearing (Sounds)

Thug elf

Monster Garden characterMonster Garden’s soundtrack is just eerie music you can listen to in winter holiday movies with flute and pizzicato violin mixed with hiphop beats. And it sounds pretty good.

The monsters all have specific voices as well, with their own accents and strange languages that some kind of rabbit can imitate perfectly. I’ll let you find him, that’s one little secret among others the game has to discover.

Taste (Lasting appeal)


A monster garden little monsterEven though Monster Garden is quite short (around 20 minutes are enough to end the story) many different paths are available, and each one of them will lead you to different friends and adventures.

If you’re a little bit curious, replay value is interesting. Especially because it is so short you won’t have time to be bored if you play it several times in a row. And you probably will.

Smell (General experience)

Chewbacca’s shampoo

Chewbacca, are you in this game too?How do you think Chewbacca’s hair is so silky all the time ? Cause he’s using shampoo from outer space. This is approximately what this game smells to me: a sweet shampoo from another world. A happy world where happy monsters live together and not in tiny red and white balls living solely to fight against each other for petty masters (to sign my petition for the freedom of all pokemons, call me).


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