LFG? Gamer Queue has you covered

Gamer Queue is a gamer’s toolbox, with matchmaking and community-building tools right at your fingertips.

We’re super excited about Gamer Queue, a new social gaming website that will allow users to find games that match their skill level and preferences, and make friends and form communities along the way. To let our readers know about their upcoming beta, we are re-publishing a recent interview with the developers. The original post is available here.

Who are the guys behind Gamer Queue?

Alex: Alex Nagus 29, Originally from Rockford IL,  Live in Chicago. Graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a Bachelors in Marketing Communications.

Will: Will Rezin, 30, Born in Rockford, Illinois where I am still a resident. Graduated with a double major in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies from Northern Illinois University.

Kyle: Kyle Diggs, 21, Born in Palm Springs, CA self-taught web developer and Udacity Full-stack web development Nanodegree graduate.

Tell us a bit about how you got started?

Alex: Alex originally came to our co-founder Will with the idea, and figured he would tell me I’m an idiot but turned out he loved the idea to my surprise. So we began to do some research and really couldn’t find any sites that really blew us away or did what we had in mind. We quickly learned our first business lesson as we got scammed by a developer to begin the framework for our site. We then proceeded with caution and connected with our current developer Kyle through Reddit who really saw eye to eye with the vision we have for this project and its taken off from there! Kyle has done an incredible job and is now our CTO and co-founder. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but really compliment each other well and have molded into a great team so far!

Will: Alex reached out to me and explained the concept, and I had struggled with finding teammates and thought it was a great it.

Kyle: Started learning web development in my early teens and continued at it for the past 8 or so years. Began freelancing and connected with Will and Alex through Reddit where we immediately started discussing the potential of this platform

From where did you get the idea?

Alex: The “lightbulb” went off when I was browsing some twitch streams, and a pretty high rated player of the particular game I was watching was complaining how he’s been looking for someone to play with for 2 hours and was going to quit the game because this always happens to him. I thought to myself how is this still an issue in the gaming industry?

Tell us more about the project!

Alex: The project is coming along really smooth, we’re growing on social media and the responses from everyone have been amazing and overall just encouraging and supportive. We really want this to be a hub where gamers from really any genre of game can come together and discover new people to play with. Whether you’re looking to be the next rising star in the e-sports scene or just want a buddy to game with on a Friday night. We have a “Groups” page where users can make join together and make a custom page with friends they’ve met on Gamer Queue, or current established guilds or clans. Also, we will be rolling out some features where e-sports and twitch teams can make a page as well with some really cool features for them as well. We have officially launched and already have over 300 users!

According to you, what’s the best feature on the platform?

Alex: The fact that you can connect with gamers that are online, and look to play the same game quick and easy is the key we believe. We love our design and user interface of the site but it comes back to making it easy for gamers to connect together and that’s the main goal. Also, a lot of the other LFG sites are strictly for one game, with Gamer Queue you search for people that have interests in multiple games. Also, we want gamers to be able to narrow their search down to really specific scenarios when looking for a teammate, but also have the freedom to take a more broad search window. We have some really cool features what we’ll be rolling out down the road that revolves around e-sports as well that we’re really excited about. We have a pretty open concept throughout the site if that makes sense. We really want users to be interactive with each other and have fun on the site while discovering new teammates they enjoy.

Kyle: Simplicity and speed. Gamers don’t have any tools for community building. Facebook, twitter, and even twitch, as a gaming platform, don’t provide anything that truly allows gamers to connect, develop, and build teams and lifelong friendships together. We provide the tools to find someone to best suit your playstyle and preferences in gamers.

When will it be released?

Alex: We’re currently live and you can register at

Are you going to use your own site to find people to play with?

Alex: I will absolutely be using Gamer Queue to find people. I play PUBG solo a lot and would love a way to be able to join up with other people quickly! Also, plan to use it for finding people for wow arena.

Will: Oh, for sure. I am a casual gamer now and my playing times are really sporadic. Gamer Queue will allow me to link up with fellow gamers quickly.

Kyle: Most definitely. I strongly believe in the potential of this platform and I really stand behind what we’re building. I play casually and competitively across a ton of different games and finding players who mesh well with my playstyle AND are communicative can be really difficult with current tools.

Just for fun, what’s your favorite games?

Alex: Growing up GoldenEye for N64 was a big one for me, now I really enjoy PUBG, Rocket League, and some WoW here and there still.

Will: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne has always been my favorite game and still a game I watch today on Twitch. I also played a lot of World of Warcraft.

Kyle: Currently Rocket League. I recently passed 2000 hours! Best $20 I’ve ever spent and I’ve met a ton of awesome people in that time.



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