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Far Tin bandits is a mobile shooting game in which you have to shoot tin cans thanks to a good old revolver loaded with… Beans.

If the concept behind Far Tin Bandits does not sound very sexy in the first place (nor easily digestible,) the game has a captivating far west environment that will make you remember the times when you were picturing yourself as a cowboy while shooting things in your courtyard or at the fun fair. So buckle your belt, wipe your cowboy boots and warm up your thumbs for a couple of hours of western spaghetti… With beans!


Sight (Graphics)

Far Tin Bandits is a pretty decent-looking game for mobile devices. Various settings are available : a dusty desert, a creepy graveyard, a windmill field (to let out your inner Don Quijote) or a sharky shore. Each one of them will offer different mechanics for a different experience during the 6 acts the game has to explore. Character design for the bean-bullets gives a strong personality to your projectiles, which have been named like old west bandits : meet Butch Casserole, Big Broad George, The Sundance Kidney, Ned Cafe or the more exotic Shinobean among other diuretic friends.


Touch (Gameplay)

You will meet 4 game variations during your beany adventure. In Quick Fire round, you will just have to shoot every can standing in your way as fast as you can. Avoid the Bottles will add ketchup bottles you have to keep intact during your shooting frenzy. Every Bullet Counts will leave you with a limited number of bullets that you have to use thoughtfully so that no can is standing before your barrel is empty. Finally, Don’t Lose Tins is a pretty straightforward name, since an event happens threatening to make cans disappear and you have to shoot them before they do.

The difficulty curve is progressive and challenging, although the sometimes approximative hitbox makes it difficult to overcome the latest levels with medals. You can always try to put the laser pointing tool on, but it won’t help you anymore when you try to shoot things far off your left or your right. It makes your experience slightly frustrating sometimes, but victory is even more delightful when you achieve your goal.

Cow Indie Watch Five senses reviews
Oops…Cowllateral damage.

Hearing (Sounds)

Far Tin Bandits’ soundtrack is naaaaaaaang! You’ll dive in its western atmosphere as soon as you hear the main Djangoesque theme song. Different genres will then come along with your journey, from country for the dusty levels to spooky melodies while shooting in the graveyard or the sharky shore. Most of the other sound effects are cartoonish, hence sometimes slightly annoying (the undead from “gravy yard” sound like they are barfing more than anything) but it belongs well with the general tone of the game.

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Taste (Lasting appeal)

If like me you are a mobile shooting game newbie, you should finish Far Tin Bandits in 4-5 hours which is more than decent for a 1 euro mobile game. Notice that the Fight Brothers made the game in a console fashion so that you can’t buy your way to success. Unlike lots of titles today (especially on mobile devices) your only path to victory will be paved with skillful shots, sweat and tears. If some levels will hardly need 2 minutes to be completed with a gold medal, others will require 20 to 30 minutes of your time and a bucket load of determination to be finished without any metal necklace. Replay value is quite high then, with 72 levels in total you have to complete with a gold medal and a leaderboard to show the world you’re the best trigger in town. Wouldn’t it be cool beans ?


Smell (Overall experience)

Chili con carne

Just like Far Tin Bandits’ hitbox, cooking chili con carne on your first date may be a bit clumsy if you don’t want your romantic moment to turn into a fart festival… Yet it is a delicious meal with character and personality. With its progressive difficulty and colorful atmosphere, this fun little mobile game will get you busy for a couple of challenging hours. And if you get hungry by seeing all these beans flying by, they are full of protein so help yourself!


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