Devlog #1 – Retro Cyberpunk Game

The video is above is showcasing an area that I have been working on for the past couple of days, playing around with lighting to try and get the best style for the retro theme I am working on.

The Kanji (Japanese) style writing on the neon lights is not actual kanji as I just want to see what the game would look like with streets that resemble Tokyo since I think Tokyo is a great place to start when making anything that is set in a Cyberpunk universe. So far there are no A.I in the game, the character movement animations are still being worked on and I have only been working on two locations. The area that is seen in the video is called the ‘Midnight district (southside)’. The name could change as the game development goes on. (If you have any ideas for names of locations, feel free to leave a comment below)

So what am I doing now?

I want the midnight district to look alive, I am working on having civilians freely roam around and have flying vehicles traveling through the night sky. I am working on the animation of the main character but my first priority is the environment around the character as I find it easier to work on.

Future plans for the game

I am thinking about working on a playable demo but that would be a little further into the development process hopefully when I have made the first trailer for the game.

Here is a list of the gameplay elements that I want to be in the game before I start working on the demo/trailer:

Interaction: This involves interacting with npcs and objects. This is a detective style game so interacting with other characters is a must.

Driving: I want the player to be able to experience the world in the skies with flying vehicles.

Shooting: I am not sure whether the character should be able to use different guns in the game. I am thinking more of blade runner 2049 where the character uses only his Pistol.

Free running/parkour: I want the character to be able to jump from rooftop to rooftop. This is something I want in the game to give the world a sense of scale and to also help the character avoid being captured.

I can think of a lot more features that I want to be present in the game but I am only one person that is only capable of doing so much. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be more added to the list, it’s just a set of gameplay elements that I want in the demo of the game for you all to try out.

I will be posting a devlog every Saturday with a video to show updates on the game.
Comment below if you have anything you want to say or have any questions. I also post game progress on my twitter page so go ahead and follow me on twitter.


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Lone developer • Working on a Retro Cyberpunk game • Vigilance 2099

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