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6 tips for new composers entering the game industry

Video game music it’s not the first option that you think when you take your musical instrument for the first time. At least for most musicians. However, when you discover how wonderful is to make music for games, you cannot stop. If you are a beginner musician and a gamer who wants to start in game music, These six tips that will give you a headstart.

1 Don’t Stop The Music

If you just start with music, don’t expect to make stunning tunes for games. Game music has a lot of roads, and you maybe have to test most of them. Take your instrument and play with some friends, jam with them, make gigs, doesn’t matters were. Play at your school, on birthdays party, on local bars. Just enjoy playing with people and for people. In this way, you will know your feelings about music and how other people react to them. If you want to be a composer, you have to know a lot about feelings, and playing for different people pushes you to make yourself better.

I started to play at 9, but when I was 18 when I decided to be a music composer, but, I didn’t have to much experience, so I joined a band, then I made my own band and my solo project. Both projects have excess, and I have the opportunity to make tours, know people and know about music. So, when I decided to become a composer for games and movies, was a really fun and challenging.

2 Learn, Educate, Correct

I´m not talking about music school, that’s important yes, but if you cannot have a formal education you have to learn from your self. Its ok if you play in a band and don’t know anything about music theory, but here you have to use all resources you can. Every game is different and you have to be able to make unique game music for everyone. Take a time to study, you can google everything on the internet, and if you can find somebody who is experienced about game music, and learn from him, that will pay for a long way. Its always important have a teacher/mentor who corrects you and helps you to be a better musician.

3 Develop your own style.

When you are a more experienced musician, you must have your own style to make music, that’s gonna be your signature. Don’t try to copy others. In that way, devs and producers gonna look for you and know how you work.

I personally like to make music with sound design, developing soundscapes, with some melodies, ambient things and folk instruments in many cases. That’s it’s my favorite way to work, also horror music is my jam!

4 Get out of your comfort zone.

If you want to work with multiple genres, you have to be an all-rounder. and be out of your zone. It’s amazing, you develop yourself in multidimensional ways and you will enjoy it.

But, you’re comfort zone can kill you. Try to make different genres sometimes, that gonna open your mind a lot and push you to learn new things.

I said before that horror music it’s my place to be, I love to make horror music and sound design, but I’m open to doing others things for a while. Now I’m working on a casual car game Turny Road for Gamestacy. This helps me to practically learn more about different emotions and styles.

You will have a lot of fun learning new styles. Try it.

5 Connect with people

Don´t be afraid to talk with people, not just in the game industry. Its always important know people who can help you and you can help them. In the music world, you never know what the future its gonna bring, also in life. So be prepared and connect with people in from different spectrum.

I remember when I was playing in my music solo project, I was lucky and play some gigs with a rapper. We stay in touch and he produces my first music video. Some years later he starts to work on TV and then he starts horror videos on youtube. So, he needs horror music. I learn a lot about him and we continued working together today, and thanks to him I have a lot of new contacts now.

6 Keep your ego aside

Well, this applies to anyone new in the gaming or music industry. I was talking a lot about my experience, but that’s just the past. If you are going to work on a game, you have to understand that what you do before, doesn’t matter anymore. You´re just a little part of a game, you must give everything from you to make a stunning one. This is a teamwork, even if you work alone you need to explore the game. I don’t say that you have to let other people explore you, that’s another thing. You need to explore the game and the team.

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P.S Game music is all about IMMERSION


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