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12 gift ideas for you and your geeky/gamer friends

Are you running out of ideas for gifts to your significant others? Worry no more. After spending many hours for the last few days looking for gift ideas for my family and geeky friends, I came up with a list of rather interesting, surprising and even bizarre gift ideas. Yeah, I must confess that, at some point, I was mostly shopping for stuff for myself or just browsing around out of curiosity. However, I tried to pick apart some gadgets that could please both the pragmatic and the geeky/nerdy-stuff enthusiast audience. So, open up your wallets for the good things below.

1) Portable Pocket Console for SNES

How about playing your old SNES games on this cute little thing? It will connect to your TV for a two-player co-op mode or you can simply play by yourself on its built-in 4.3 inch LCD screen. It will work well with your SNES and SFC cartridges.


2) Game Boy Heat Change Coffee Mug

It’s cold, you want something warm on the side as you snuggle on a couch while playing your favorite games. You can try a regular mug or something hotter. How about this mug that will reveal the Game Boy layout once you pour some hot stuff into it?

3) Giant Super Mario Build Peel and Stick Wall Decals Stickers


Ok, I’m not getting paid by Nintendo, ok?, I swear. It’s just that the coolest geeky stuff is about Nintendo. This is a 45″ wide and 60″ high sticker that will be the perfect match for you, your mug and your nice portable SNES.


4) Balloon Dog Anatomy


Enough about games. All you need now is a balloon dog anatomy set. This is cool and funny! Have some sense of humor, come on!

5) Clear Crystal 3D Pokemon Go Inspired Pokeball


And if your game fever for everything game-related, how about a beautiful crystal Pokeball?


6) First Person Video Drone

If you want some outdoor experiences, you might wanna try this first-person video drone. It comes with VR glasses that will allow you to see the world from above as you fly around.


7) Sphero: The App-Controlled Robot Ball

Get creative and have fun with this programmable little ball you can control from your smartphone. Sphero will move around just by recognizing your facial expressions. Nice, huh?


8)  3D Printer


If you want more ideas to express your creativity, you can get a 3D printer and print out an action figure, cups, bottles, jewelry etc.


9) Floating Balloon Lamp


Do you feel like changing the look and feel of your room? How about bringing in some colorful nice-looking floating balloon lamps?


10) Motion Activated bedlight


If you’re still feeling like decorating, functionality is key. How about this motion-activated bedlight that will give you a soft glow in the dark when you wake up for a glass of water in the middle of the night?


11) Arduino Starter Kit


If you enjoy electronics and programming, this is for you. This kit comes with 50 different parts and 250 individual components. Go create some cool geeky stuff and come back to show us what you’ve done.

12) Wind-powered Strandbeest


If you don’t know what that is, please, watch this youtube video. Now you can get its miniature version to play around with this sciency-artistic thing that seems to be alive.


Do you have any more ideas for geeky gifts you wanna share with us? Leave a comment in the comment section. We might update this list with it and give you the credits for the idea.



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