When composing music for creative projects, it is important to try to fulfill the expectations of the developers of these projects. And for this purpose, it is important for the music composer to suggest various ways of expression of a musical theme, so that developers can appreciate the scope of its possible variations.

An interesting peculiarity in the musical composition is the possibility of being able to express a musical theme in different ways, with different genres and with different instruments and orchestrations. This way, a theme can be used and adapted to the different scenarios, characters, emotions and qualities required by such creative projects.

However, it is highly recommended for the music composer that, before making variations of a musical theme, one should make it memorable and preferably singable, since this last quality makes it it easy to remember it, and can grab audience's attention more easily.

On the other hand, but not less important, there is the ability of the developers of creative projects to know and distinguish different musical genres, different types of instruments, different types of music ensembles, at least in a basic way, so that in this capacity, they can request, more precisely, musical compositions that best suit their expectations,

I have produced a video to illustrate the aforementioned idea. In this video, I first present a basic musical theme, played on a flute, followed by four different arrangements of this same basic musical theme. The first arrangement is made for piano; the second one is made for violin, guitar and cello; the third oone for a musical box and African drums; and the fourth one for an ensemble of flamenco guitar, cajón and palmas. Notice how the mood of each variation is different, due to its genre, instrumentation, harmonic and rhythmic contexts.


This type of transformations of a basic theme can give a thematic continuity to a creative project, in addition to offering the possibility of making it more memorable.

Finally, one of the most important aspects in the development of a creative project is the way in which each part that (music, graphics, video, story, plot, narration, etc.) is assembled in a harmonious way, so that it is perceived as a unit.

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