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Great Deals for Gamers for the Cyber Monday Week

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I do enjoy a good discount! When it comes to games, I'm not a doorbuster but I'm always glad to show up later in the day to bring back home whatever I think it's worth it. And if you, like me, also missed the Black Friday deals, check out what's going to be shiny and new waiting for you with a price cut on eBay, Dell, Target, Newegg, etc during the Cyber Monday week.

eBay (From November 25th until the end of the week)

A $900 Samsung 55-inch TV  by $550.

Dell (From November 25th  until December 3rd)

15% site wide sale on video game-oriented computers like the Alienware brand.

Newegg (from November 26th until November 30th)

From November 26th through November 27th

Western Digital 4 TB external hard drive originally sold for $100 will cost $60.

Western Digital 500 GB solid state internal hard drive originally sold by $150 will cost $138.

From November 26th through November 30th

Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for the NES originally sold for $30 will cost $15.

Deals for November 27th only

MSI gaming laptop will cost $750 instead of $850.

Corsair Carbide Mid-Tower Gaming Case will be sold for $40 instead of $50.

From November 27th through November 30th

ABS Lite Gaming Desktop originally sold for $900 will cost $830.

Target (15% off on everything on the website for the week plus, additional deals still be announced)

Sony PS4 Virtual Reality Headset, with racing game Gran Turismo for $300, a $100 discount.


From November 21 through the end of Cyber Monday, Oculus Rift VR Headset + touch controller will cost $350 instead of $400 (found on Oculus online store, Best Buy, and Amazon).



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