After my first tutorial about "lights" in Magica Voxel, I'm back bringing you some more interesting features for your voxel worlds. In this second part, I will talk about some small tricks that I use for my work in Magica, as well as some tips to optimize your work.

I want to explore two simple techniques that I use to simulate glass, (especially when I want to make glass windows or shop windows) and water, widely used in several of my works. Magica's rendering features are very powerful, and by working with the right material and lighting, we can achieve some very good quality results. Enough talking! Time to go back to work! Let's go!

Shop Window

Let's start with the small project below, which I created (you'll be able to download the file, you can find download link at the end of the article) and let's make a shop window.

I made a small shop front on Magica, but I still haven't chosen the material for making the glass. I'll make a greenish glass for the front of the store. On the color palette, I will pick a light green color and then I will create a solid area on the space where the window goes.

The model should look like this:

Now let's turn this green area into glass. If you press the Render button, it will not change a thing. However with the selected green tone, open the GLASS material, with the SEL option pressed. This will allow you to select only the color chosen for applying the material.

Start by adjusting the parameters as in the example below.  Change the values of GLASS (put in maximum), Rough, Refract, and Attenuate, like what you see at the image.

The glass has become very dark, so I'm going to change the material color to a lighter shade of blue.

I started a new render with the blue color selected and the adjusted the following parameters like what is shown on the image below. See the results.

That's a better result! Now, I'm gonna put an internal light in the shop to improve the scene overall look and feel (see my previous tutorial about light) and I'm gonna change the sun to a blueish color.

Glass in Complex Shapes

Some complex shapes of voxels make the glass effect a bit confusing. In the example below, I created a semi-sphere and applied the glass material to it.

The image was very distorted and the glass has many vertices due to the characteristics of the voxels, however this can be used for another very interesting effect: water!

Water Fountain

I'm gonna add a water fountain to my scene, with a specific color for the water. See image below:

I created a simple shape for the fountain and a complex one for the water to simulate the fountain gushing water. After applying the material, this is how it should look:

When you add more voxels to the water shape, you'll get better results.

And finally, I'll put a water puddle on the floor. I will use the same color as the one on the water fountain. This time, I'll paint a floor area near the fountain to simulate this effect. I'll put a layer below the store and the fountain to simulate a sidewalk.

Using the Surface Painting (PAINT) option, I will select the voxel mode (V), the color I used on the water fountain and the size parameter like shown on the image below.

And I'll paint the surface...

Let's render and see how that will look:

That's it!

Final words

This is the second article in a series. I hope you have enjoyed it and that it will be useful for your work. For any questions, please send me a message or post a comment on the comment section of this article. I find it very cool to exchange ideas with developers and other artists. Below, you'll find the vox file link for download as well as the link for downloading Magica Voxel.

See you soon, and if possible support me on Patreon ! I'll be writing more and more tutorials for the game development community soon!

VOX File: shop.vox

Epthracy Magica Voxel: download link