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Fate of Gods – A new JRPG coming to PC

Fate of Gods is an original game by Titanomachy Studios to be released through Steam. It is a JRPG style game. In another world far from Earth, filled with beings who pass themselves off as the gods of Earth’s ancestors, one group of ordinary humans, whom fate has brought together, is striving to stop these false gods all costs, and set things right.

You play your customizable character, with a love interest and additional assistance along the way as you battle in groups of unorthodox and integral characters, each with their own pasts and futures, against the hordes of henchmen and face off against various “gods” from civilizations that span the planet Earth and its rich history.

Fate of Gods features a turn-based fighting system and  strong story-driven elements. A smithing system gives you the material to gain elemental and other awesome, god-like powers to defeat the false gods, and bring peace back to your world.

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