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Let Them Come by Versus Evil — Indie Review

Let Them Come is a brand new release from indie developers Versus Evil. It’s a stationary, turret-based shooter that borrows the Dark Souls’ style of play/die/play/die. But unlike Dark Souls, this game doesn’t have a bloated, overrated and unearned hype. (My opinion, not the devs.)

You play as the last standing human holding off wave after wave of mutant alien dudes. Are you sweating it? No! Let them come! The pixel graphics are reminiscent of Dead Cells, including the great lighting effects and animation. The animation is especially gruesome, with thick, ropy and colorful entrails exploding against dark and spooky corridors.

In Let Them Come, the ambience is great, from the simple interface to the ambient sounds you hear when the music is off. And while we’re on the subject of music, one of the game’s cooler innovations is the player’s boombox.

Apparently, the last human appreciates some jams because he never leaves his stereo behind. And as you progress through the campaign, you unlock new mix tapes to listen to as you blast away enemies. The music is great, and you can create a custom playlist from the songs in the game to serenade yourself as you play.

Let Them Come currently sells for $4.99, but as of this writing (until Oct. 10, 2017) it is on sale for 10% off. And it’s worth every penny! Versus Evil has earned a reputation for making great indie games, and they know what they’re doing. I received this game key for free so that I could review it. It was provided by Plan of Attack, which is looking more and more like a great resource for indie devs that want to get their games noticed by the right people. Check them out!


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