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On the “Dirty Chinese Restaurant” game controversy

Over this past week, an article published on Huffington Post about the game Dirty Chinese Restaurant by Big-O-Tree Games has brought lots of people to our blog and many hate messages to our inbox. In his article, journalist David Moye mentions Big-O-Tree‘s game studio website and states that:

The domain is registered to a George Lambropoulos, who is a self-described game developer who contributes posts to IndieWatch.net, a blog dedicated to independent video games.

And he links the name “George Lambropoulos” to our blog, which is apparently confusing people as to who owns and runs IndieWatch.net. So, if you still believe we are run by the developers of Big-O-Tree’s Dirty Chinese Restaurant, you’re mistaken.

IndieWatch is a forum where people can post what they like about gaming and game development and their individual opinions or preferences regarding racial diversity and all the politics of that matter don’t reflect the views or opinions of IndieWatch. We welcome contributions from many developers without discrimination. Unfortunately, right now, many people are coming to our blog to send a message that they believe will be received by the Big-O-Tree team. That’s not gonna happen because the Big-O-Tree team is not responsible for this blog.

So, if you’re offended by their game or have something to tell them, please, contact them directly because we can’t keep forwarding your emails all day long. We have some important things to do, such as playing some cool indie games.

Other than that, if you know about some cool games you’d like to share with us, our contact page is always open for that kind of conversation.


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