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The indie RTS I can’t stop playing!

Colorful, fun and freshly-released, Hypernova: Escape from Hadea is pretty darn good.

Hypernova is pretty darn good. I know you guys hear me railing against the indie market with pretty much every post, and an indie review may seem out of place. Rest assured, I have been paid nothing for this review other than the Steam key. Developer Actalogic has made some good moves in the creation and promotion of their game, and I’ll include some of that in this review.

Why does Hypernova stand out?

As a reviewer and editor, I get plenty of developers sending me their press releases, hoping I’ll take the bait and write about their game. I hardly ever do. I’m very busy. However, Hypernova stood out among these other titles thanks to its rich graphics, bright colors and generally polished look.

Is that it? Yeah, pretty much. The first impression of any game is always its graphics. Gamers understand that there’s more to a good game than graphics, and a great game can have lousy graphics. But a game with good graphics is much more likely to capture my attention in the never-ending conveyor belt of games that runs by my radar.

Is it any good?

Yeah, it actually is! I’m not sure it’s worth its price tag, but once the price drops or it goes on sale, I will definitely recommend Hypernova.

Hypernova plays like an RTS, but its really a city builder with enemies that follow tower-defense patterns. You don’t build troops as in real-time strategies, you build towers, build homes and grub hubs, research technology and improve turrets. The scenario goal is to reach 100,000 population and build a machine to transport your civilization to a new planet.

Hypernova would benefit from some more interesting scenarios, and I think the lack of a multiplayer option really hurts it. But the gameplay is solid, fast, and follows the traditional formula of easy to play, tough to master.



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