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Recording Videos from Games with Movavi Game Capture

Over the last several years the popularity of gaming videos has grown by leaps and bounds,
and nowadays video game streams, highlight clips and other forms of content attract tons of
views. To create one of these videos however the first thing you have to be able to do is
record footage from the games that you’re playing.

Once you can record in-game footage you can create a wide range of content of your own.
Whether you want to use it so share some your prowess and in-game achievements with
your friends or come up with game guides and tutorials to publish online is up to you – but it
all begins with being able to record footage from video games. At first that may appear like
a stumbling block, but with Movavi Game Capture you’ll soon find that it needn’t be.

Simply put Movavi Game Capture is designed specifically to make recording in-game footage
as simple and easy as possible. In other words if you would like to be able to record videos
from games but don’t want to jump through too many hoops or have to fiddle with
technical settings – it will be perfect for you.

Once you start to use Movavi Game Capture, you can begin capturing your gameplay at any
point by simply hitting the ‘F10’ key. As soon as you do, it will begin recording the in-game
footage at 60 frames per second – which will guarantee that it looks great (though you can
adjust it to be less than that if you would like to make sure the video file size isn’t too large).

Along with in-game footage, Movavi Game Capture will also record any sound effects,
music, and dialogue from your speakers. It actually supports a two-way sound capture, so it
will also record audio from your microphone – which can be great if you want to narrate
your video or if you’re talking to friends while you play. When you’re done you could even
save the audio track separately so that you can edit it without affecting the video footage.

If you’ve watched some of the popular videos from games that are published online, you
may have noticed that many of them include an embedded webcam window to capture the
reactions of the player. To pull that off is simple with Movavi Game Capture, and you can
overlay webcam video directly onto the game footage and adjust its size and position as you
see fit.

After the recording is done you can review it, and save it in a format of your choosing.
Within Movavi Game Capture you’ll find hundreds of presets available that could help you
to optimize your video for various devices and platforms – including YouTube and Facebook
if you want to publish it online.

Suffice to say it doesn’t get much easier to capture footage from video games than with
Movavi Game Capture. Not only will it let you record the videos that you need without any
hassle, but its features are engineered to give you all the options you may require to create
great video game content.


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  1. I liked the software and my idea is not to record gameplays with it but video tutorials on voxelart and several techniques of 3D printing from models made from voxels. I think this program has a lot of potential, but I would like to explore it a lot more using in articles here for IndieWatch …

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