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First Look at Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, a Beautiful Homage to Tactical RPGs

It’s the hottest part of the year; the perfect time to stay inside, relax, blast that air conditioner and enjoy the low-hanging fruit of Steam’s annual summer sale. However, we at IndieWatch never really relax. There are just too many incredible games coming down the pipe! Take this one for example.

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is still in production, but we are already foaming at the grill for this awesome-looking tactical RPG!

This will be the first release by 6 Eyes Studio, but the group is has plenty of development experience. Studio members have been working on games since 2002, including Madden, Madden Mobile, Dungeon Hunter 3 and Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled for the Nintendo DS. Game designer and engineer Pierre Leclerc has over 20 years of programming experience with more than 15 years in the games industry. So it’s probably a fair bet that these folks know what they’re doing.

Hand-painted graphics look new and familiar at once.

The team’s experience really manifests in Fell Seal’s cohesive art direction and level design. Painstakingly hand-drawn monsters, maps and characters populate an isometric world that evokes memories of Final Fantasy Tactics. More than 20 classes and 200 abilities make squads fully customizable and create a unique experience that players can adjust to suit their style. Additionally, characters can be customized visually down to their head, hair, outfit and more.

The creators of Fell Seal believe that the tactical RPG has been neglected, and this game aims to help revitalize the genre. Best of all, the project is in the capable hands of a team that truly enjoys what they do, and is managing this project with full dedication and surety. Even in pre-alpha, Fell Seal exhibits a polished and fully-realized look that very few indie studios manage in their first game.

Tons of customizable characters await in Fell Seal

The 6 Eyes team is even making their game accessible to modders by including a simple text file that allows savvy players to tune and adjust the game according to their taste and share the results. Fell Seal will even allow players to insert their own character portraits, although I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to use the beautiful character portraits included with the game.

While this game is still in pre-alpha, a playable demo is currently making rounds in the indie circuit. Despite some placeholder graphics and sounds, it’s plain to see that Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark is coming together beautifully and we can’t wait to see the finished product!


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