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Star Kinesis – A free and frantic space combat arena

Star Kinesis raises the bar for multiplayer space combat

While we’ve been enjoying summer, indie studio Just Some Veterans (On Twitter: @JSVeterans) has been putting the finishing touches on the ultimate free-to-play space combat game, Star Kinesis. Offering unparalleled depth and cross-platform playability, Star Kinesis features a deep crafting system and furiously fast-paced multiplayer arena battles for co-op, deathmatch or single-player games. JSVeterans will be unveiling their masterpiece at the Denver Comic-Con June 30 – July 2.

Cross-Platform Playability

Upon release, Star Kinesis will be available on PC, Mac, iOs, Android and online. Players can access their account and their persistent solar systems from any of these platforms. In addition to creating unlimited play possibilities, Just Some Veterans is raising the bar for graphics on mobile platforms with vast solar systems and fleets of colorful vessels firing countless volleys back and forth.

Campaign and multiplayer modes

Star Kinesis is smartly designed to adapt to the players’ platform. Mobile players can challenge each other in skirmishes with one to four players, while desktop players can engage in massive 12-player battles.

Brilliant graphics and lighting give life to Star Kinesis
Brilliant graphics and lighting give life to Star Kinesis

Because players can play Star Kinesis from anywhere, they can – in theory – start a campaign from their home Mac, continue it on their Android device, then sneakily finish it in their web browser at work.By logging into their free account, players can play how they want, when they want.

Game size and graphics scale accordingly, with the desktop version featuring rich and beautifully-rendered star systems. But even the mobile version of Star Kinesis will push the limits of graphical possibilities.

A deep, rich gameplay experience

The most striking feature of Star Kinesis are the fleets of massive spacecraft, bristling with guns and glowing with cool, custom colors.

Massive space ships fire at each other
Intense action abounds

During play, players secure nodes to expand their territory and unlock new resources. Different resources allow players to craft new weapons and upgrade their base. The variety of blueprints and resources creates a deeply engaging gaming experience and unlimited replayability.

Players may also purchase additional colors and logos for real money to customize their fleet any way they want. As of this writing, only aesthetic upgrades are able to be purchased, so gameplay remains balanced.

A game-changing game

In addition to raising the bar for interplayability, graphics and overall scope, Star Kinesis and Just Some Veterans are also helping to change lives. All profits from the beta test, and a portion of after-launch profits, are being donated to help wounded veterans.

Each star system is unique
Each star system is unique.

Star Kinesis is a game worth checking out. Breakthrough graphics, epic cross-platform multiplayer and intense, fast-paced action make this a space sim that deserves to be shared.


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